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The chronicle of Italy-Germany

19:08 Error by Brunner who misses the rejection but makes up for it shortly after leaning on one of the Italian stone points. Last 5 pitches, with Retornaz having the final stone.

19:05 After 8 shots, an interesting situation for Italy, which now places 3 stones in the points area. Let’s see now how Switzerland intends to replicate.

19:00 No end stolen up to now. Initial phases of the fourth end in which the Azzurri will have the last shot at their disposal.

18:55 2-1 Switzerland. Series of failures and counter-failures that keep the situation described above intact. Switzerland that unravels the skein in the final stages of this third end, taking the lead.

18:54 Perfect pass by Yannick Schwaller who sets up a Swiss stone two shots from the end of the third end.

18:48 Great play by Amos Mosaner who makes a double rejection freeing the house from the Swiss stones when 5 shots are missing, 3 of which from the Swiss.

18:44 6 shots taken in this third end start. A fine Italian stone and one placed on guard by Simone Gonin.

18:38 1-1! Bravo Joel Retornaz who prefers not to force and keep the point given the dangerous proximity of a Swiss stone. We could have gained something more from this second end but there is a prompt response from the Azzurri.

18:34 When there are two shots left at the end of the second end there is an Italian stone at the point. Particularly busy house.

18:29 Mosaner’s defeat that opens the game by eliminating the two guard stones placed by the Swiss.

18:26 We are in the middle of the second end. After the first 8 pitches the house is cleared of stone.

18:20 1-0 Switzerland, which makes its first end thanks to the final rejection of Schwaller, who removes the blue stone and brings the Swiss to the command.

18:17 House uncrowded in this first end thanks to Schwaller who removes two blue stones when the last two pitches of this first end are missing.

18:13 After the first 8 pitches there is a blue point stone protected by two guards.

18:09 Fundamental match for blue hopes. A victory would bring Italy back into the fight to hit the playoff goal.

18:05 The meeting begins. Switzerland will have the last stone of the end.

18:02 Italy which deploys the basic formation with Simone Gonin, Sebastiano Arman, Amos Mosaner and Joel Retornaz. Mattia Giovanella reserves, like the Swiss Simon Gloor. Swiss on the ice with Yannick Schwaller, Michael Brunner, Romano Meier, and Marcel Kaeufeler.

17:59 The Swiss arrive at this appointment as a fourth force, thanks to 5 wins and 3 defeats.

17:55 We recall that the first two classified of the single group pass directly to the semifinals, while the teams that will complete the round robin advance to the playoffs by ranking from third to sixth place. Italy is currently seventh with 4 wins and 4 losses.

17:50 Yesterday a day of two faces for the team led by Joel Retornaz. First the scorching defeat with South Korea, then the ransom against Germany which still keeps alive the team that won the bronze at the last European Championships.

17:45 Good evening friends and readers of OA Sport and welcome to the LIVE LIVE written on Italy-Switzerland, match of the group stage of the 2022 men’s curling World Cup. In Las Vegas, the Azzurri will try to keep the hopes of passing to the playoffs high in the hostile face to face with the Swiss.

Hello and welcome to LIVE LIVE from Italy-Switzerland, a match valid for the round robin of the 2022 Curling World Cup. A crucial match for the fate of our national team is staged on the ice of Las Vegas (USA), forced to win in order to continue to concretely pursue the qualification for the playoffs. The Azzurri, returning from their success against Germany, now occupy seventh place with 4 wins and as many defeats while the Swiss are fourth, with five wins.

Joel Retornaz and his teammates must absolutely impose themselves against the rossocrociati, in order to continue to hope for a placement between third and sixth place, useful for accessing the play-offs that are giving away the last two passes for the semifinals. It promises to be a difficult match for the tricolor quartet, which in any case has all the credentials to be able to face the opponents and pursue the luxury result.

OA Sport offers you LIVE LIVE from Italy-Switzerland, a match valid for the round robin of the World Cup 2022 of curling: news in real time, minute by minute, end by end, stone by stone, so as not to really miss a thing. It starts at 18.00. Have a good fun.

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