6-2, 7-6, Jannik goes to the quarters where he finds Tsitsipas- Corriere.it

from Marco Calabresi

The South Tyrolean tennis player dominates the first set, gets back in the second but closes with a tiebreak. Tomorrow in the quarterfinals there is Tsitsipas

17:40 – Sinner: I felt the tension

I tried to set up the game by shooting the first heavy one, I served well in the important points. In the second set you could feel the wind and it was a difficult moment. In the end there was a bit of tension but I’m glad I won. Now let’s see how it goes on Friday. This is what Jannik Sinner spoke to Sky’s microphones after the 6-2, 7-6 victory over Krajinovic at the Internationals which is worth access to the quarterfinals against Tsitsipas: With the Greek it will be essential to play a game, maybe making a mistake but investing for the set or for the next game. I will try to do this.

17:27 – Sinner’s first time in the quarterfinals, Rome goes crazy

Jannik Sinner’s march proceeds quickly: after Pedro Martinez and Fabio Fognini, the blue beat – not without difficulty – the Serbian Filip Krajinovic (6-2 7-6), earning for the first time a place in the quarter-finals at the Foro Italico. For the third time on the red clay of Rome in four years, however, the opponent will be the Greek Stefanos Tsitsipasfrom which he lost in 2019 but against which he took revenge in 2020: that was the only victory in the previous four, with the two most recent won by the Greek in the semi-final in Barcelona in 2021 (again on clay) and in the quarter-final of the last Australian Open.

Of the seven sets played so far at the Foro Italico, the first against Krajinovic was the one in which Sinner convinced the most. After the first two games won to zero by the serving player, Krajinovic gave the first break point to Jannik with a bump on the tape; ball then transformed with a dirty forehand of which the 20-year-old from Sesto apologized several times. After confirming the break in service by closing with an ace, the games won on Krajinovic’s serve became two (4-1) thanks to a backhand acceleration. In 35 minutes, the first set went off, won by Sinner on the second attempt.

The second set, opened by a disastrous game by Krajinovic (two double fouls and a straight out of two meters), began in one direction: an advantage that Sinner was unable to manage due to a first serve that disappeared from Jannik’s repertoire. after the six aces of the first set. Three break points for the Serbian in the fourth game: a good second with a backhand down the line, which the Serbian followed up with a service kept to zero. In total 13 points to 1 for Krajinovic and the light suddenly turned off on the Central. Sinner was good at resetting the car with the game in progress, suddenly finding the joke and asking, at 3-3 30-30, the help of the public with two hands. The set slipped away, with Sinner who on another 30-30, this time more dangerous (at 4-5), drew two more aces to go 5-5. With an extraordinary backhand pass by counterbalance followed by a backhand mistake by Krajinovic he earned the tiebreak: from 4-1 forward, Sinner found himself 4-5 (on the point of 4-4 he chose to shoot at the opponent after the recovery at the net instead of exploiting the corridor), then with two aces the first match point was built, not exploited due to a bad straight at the net. The man of ice, under the scorching sun of the Central, used the second one, this time on his service, to open the field and close it backwards, with 10 thousand spectators in delirium. Tomorrow Friday the third act of the saga against the Greek hero.

5.15 pm – Vince Sinner 6-2, 7-6 (8)

Serve and backhand down the line. Sinner closes the tiebreak by 8 points to 6, and with it the game. He goes to the quarter-finals for the first time at the Internazionali d’Italia, tomorrow he faces the Greek Tsitsipas.

17:12 – Match point wasted by Sinner

Under 4-5, Jannik wins two service points and reaches match point at 6-5. But the answer to Krajinovic’s serve on the net.

17:10 – Krajinovic 5-4 in the tiebreak

A couple of wrong choices by Sinner, a nice descent to the net by Krajinovic. The Serbian 5-4 ahead in the tiebreak, now serves Sinner.

17:05 – Jannik forward 4-2 in the tiebreak

Two errors by Krajinovic, both with the backhand. Sinner ahead 4-2 in the tiebreak.

17:01 – 6-6, we go to the tiebreak

A passer-by at the back of the line turns the game in Jannik’s favor. That keeps the serve and goes to 6-6. The tiebreak will decide the second set.

17:00 – 5-6

He is serving Krajinovic very well. The Serbian keeps the bat without problems.

4:55 pm – 5-5 am

Jannik takes a delicate turn well. He goes to 5-5. Now Krajinovic serves to secure the tiebreak.

4:50 pm – 4-5

Several mistakes for Sinner. Krajinovic’s batting game flies away fast. The Serbian keeps to zero, Jannik will serve to stay in the second set after the change of field.

4:44 pm – 4-4

The Jannik service is held. We are 4-4 in the second set, we are approaching the hot phases of the partial.

4:41 pm – 3-4

At 30-30, Krajinovic serves, the Serbian invents an ace and a serve and volley. Cos holds the bar and goes 4-3 in the second set.

4:35 pm – 3-3

Jannik goes down 0-30, then thanks to his serve he wins 4 points in a row: we are 3-3 in the second set.

4:34 pm – 2-3

Partially positive for Krajinovic, who keeps his serve at zero thanks also to two aces.

16:32 – 2-2 Break by Krajinovic

Sinner’s first real moment of difficulty. He goes down 0-40, cancels the first break point but then capitulates. Krajinovic returns to a tie, at 2-2.

4:26 pm – 2-1

Krajinovic is climbing. The Serbian keeps his serve at 30 with a nice inside out forehand that Sinner can’t pull up.

4:16 pm – 2-0

A long forehand and a good lunge from Krajinovic: Sinner goes under 0-30 for the first time in the serve, then raises the gears with two fulminating forehands and a winning serve, but he gets hooked to the advantages for two double faults. Then good at closing the game anyway after a good defense with the forehand.

16:10 – 1-0 Break Sinner

Perfect Sinner, he immediately goes ahead by a break at the beginning of the second set.

16:04 – 6-2, Sinner first set

In 34 minutes Jannik Sinner wins the first set, 6-2. Never questioning the match for now, Jannik is dominating against Krajinovic.

16:02 – 5-2

Interlocutory game, Krajinovic keeps the joke without tiring this time. Jannik will now serve for the first set.

3:58 pm – 5-1 am

For now, there is no match on the Centrale del Foro Italico. Sinner dominates with his serve and backhand on the shields. And Krajinovic, several free mistakes, is falling apart. Jannik keeps the serve with yet another winning serve, goes to 5-1. Only four service points have been lost by the South Tyrolean tennis player.

3:53 pm – 4-1 Break Sinner

A couple of notable shots for Jannik, including a forehand block. At 30-30 he plays a splendid backhand at the cross jump, climbing perfectly on the ball. Then another winning backhand and the second break comes. 4-1 for Sinner in the first set.

3:44 pm – 3-1

First game a bit complicated for Sinner, who misses a comfortable forehand when maneuvering and a short ball. The advantages were reached, and Jannik finished with an ace.

3:40 pm – 2-1 Break Sinner

Very good Sinner under pressure from the baseline, a couple of errors by Krajinovic and here is the first break of the game, signed by Jannik with a straight to go out.

3:39 pm – 1-1

Sinner also keeps the first serving at zero, serving very well. 1-1

3:33 pm – 1-0 Krajinovic

Game started. Very well the Serbian, who keeps the serve at zero at the end of a long exchange closed by a straight to exit.

3:29 pm – Warm-up begins

The players have just taken the field. For Sinner the second time in the second round at the Internazionali d’Italia, the first this year in the afternoon session (he played with Martinez and Fognini always in the evening).

14:48 – So on TV

The match between Jannik Sinner and Filip Krajinovic will be broadcast live on free-to-air TV on Channel 20 (channel 20 on digital terrestrial and 151 on Sky) and Sky Sport Tennis. The live stream will be visible for free on Mediaset Infinity. The starting time is not expected before 14.20, credibly around 15.30.

13:50 – The victory over Fognini

Sinner just back from a great victory in the Italian derby with Fabio Fognini. It was their first official match and Jannik won 6-2, 3-6, 6-3 in two hours and 1 minute of battle and show. After a first set that caused fear of the coat, there was a game thanks to Fabio who held on with pride but also because of Jannik’s demerit, who at times seemed too passive: if he wants to go deep into the scoreboard he will have to be more continuous and less foul.

12:26 pm – The Krajinovic obstacle

Jannik Sinner faces Krajinovic today Thursday 12 May (third match on the Central, around 15) in the round of 16 of the Internationals of Rome. The Serb knocked out Rublev in the previous round. A precedent: last year’s Sofia semifinal, won by the blue. Jannik’s path traced: in the quarters possible crossing with Tsitsipas (who tamed Dimitrov in the best match on Wednesday), possible semifinal with Zverev, then who knows.

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