a 2 euro piece changes the fortunes of qualifying and the race

The accident in qualifying of Alonso that conditioned his race, that of the Ferrari Sainz driver and changed the fate of the Australian Formula 1 GP 2022, occurred due to the breakage of a component worth 2 euros: a real and own paradoxical mockery in the millionaire F1.

A euro piece can turn the tide of an entire Grand Prix of the very rich Formula 1? Seeing what happened over the course of the weekend of the Australian GP of the 2022 World Cup the answer is: absolutely yes!

What happened during the Q3 of qualifications in Melbourne, in fact, it influenced both the starting position and then the race of Fernando Alonso forced into a comeback race after being off track due to a broken down on his Alpine while he was making a lap in line with the poleman Leclerc and his pursuer Verstappen (after T2 he was ahead of the Monegasque of the Cavallino).

But not only. That episode also weighed heavily on the continuation of the weekend for Ferrari driver Carlos Sainz that, due to the yellow flags displayed for the compatriot’s accident, a few hundred meters from the finish had to abort the ride which he was about to complete and which, according to estimates made by the Maranello Scuderia garage, would have allowed him to finish ahead of his teammate by about 40 thousandths.

The starting grid of the Australian GP is upset: Leclerc is saved but there are two penalties

The Madrilenian would therefore have been fighting for pole and how, Fernando Alonso, it would be certainly finished ahead of Norris’ McLaren and Hamilton and Russell’s Mercedes, if the off-track of the two-time world champion had not slowed down his pace and if the blindfolded Goddess did not then rage against him with the problems in starting his F1-75 before returning to the track for the last attempt that they forced him to do the time, as well as in a precarious psychological situation, even with tires not perfectly at the ideal temperature as he had only one lap available to warm them up. All while the other Ferrari with Leclerc took pole position.

The problem at Fernando Alonso’s Alpine (who nevertheless reiterated his desire to continue his F1 career for a long time) in Q3 of qualifying, upsetting the starting grid, it inevitably changed the fate of Sunday’s race as well. Difficult, if not impossible, to predict what his final result would be in the Melbourne race won by Leclerc if the Asturian had started in the first two rows or what Sainz’s race would have been like if, instead of starting from the center of the group, had started in the first positions, but what is certain is that the entire Australian race of the Formula 1 World Championship 2022 would have had a completely different script compared to the one that actually went on stage.

Obviously everyone knows that these things are part of the game in F1 and can always happen, but there is one detail that has caused a great stir and that makes it all look like a great paradoxical joke. At a time when there is talk of increasing the budget cap (currently set at $ 140 million) and when Formula 1 has become a business worth billions of euros, to change the fate of an entire Grand Prix was a piece worth 2 euros.

The Alpine has in fact announced that the reason for the failure which put an early end to the qualifying of Fernando Alonso (17th at the finish in Melbourne) and affect the qualifying and race of Ferrari driver Carlos Sainz (who ended up in the gravel due to his mistake after a few laps) it is due to the breakage of an oil seal gasket which then caused the leakage of the lubricant which knocked out the car’s hydraulic system. A garnish, in fact, costing about two euros.

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