a 45-year-old policeman dies

The Argentine stage of the 2022 World Championship ends with an absurd tragedy: a very bad accident involving the convoy of trucks transporting the MotoGP equipment to the airport cost the life of a 45-year-old policeman who was crushed between two trucks.

A’absurd tragedy shakes the world of MotoGP on the eve of the GP of the Americas which will be held in Austin for the upcoming weekend. A 45-year-old Argentine policeman died following a dramatic accident that involved the convoy of trucks of the World Championship who was transporting the equipment from the Termas de Rio Hondo circuit, where the Argentine GP was held last weekend, at Tucuman airport.

Sergeant of the Argentine National Gendarmerie Juan Ramon Espinosa who escorted the caravan riding a motorcycle is in fact got squeezed between two of the four trucks that made up the convoy bound for the airport and for him, despite the immediate arrival of help, there was nothing to do. To generate the accident that caused the tragic death of the 45-year-old would have been the driver of the truck closing the long single line of heavy vehicles who would have noticed late in the slowdown of the trucks in front of him (due to work in progress on the bridge access to the city of San Miguel de Tucuman) e therefore he was unable to brake thus giving way to the rear-end collision that saw the young Argentine policeman lose his life.

Therefore, the Argentine stage of the 2022 World Championship ends in the worst possible way which, precisely due to logistical problems, had seen the program on the Termas de Rio Hondo track compress to just two days (with the cancellation of the Friday activities) and which with this tragedy certifies that the entire logistics operation of the Argentine GP it was a real disaster.

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The troubles arising from this “Argentine operation” for MotoGP, but also for Moto2 and Moto3, may not have ended here. The vehicles involved in the accident that saw the death of Sergeant Espinosa were in fact seized by the police Argentines causing a considerable delay in the transfer of materials to Austin where the program on the track of the GP of the Americas should begin on Friday. At the moment the original program is confirmed but it is not excluded, if the delay should continue, that Dorna will make changes as it happened a few hours before the start of the last Argentine stage.

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