a man shows up with three cargo planes and saves Formula 1

Logistical problems to a ship carrying the equipment of some Formula 1 teams had jeopardized the Australian GP dispute: the providential intervention of Paul Fowler and three of his cargo planes prevented the cancellation of the Melbourne stage of the F1 World Championship 2022.

On the weekend the Formula 1 will return to racing in Melbourne after two years of absence due to the Covid-19 pandemic but in the last few hours the Australian GP risked a sensational cancellation. In the oceanic country there is great anticipation for this third stage of the 2022 World Cup which promises a great show (further favored also by the new layout of the track which will include a record number of 4 DRS zones) and which will give local fans the opportunity to return to see live the protagonists of the Circus race for the first time since 2019. In fact, in 2020 the Grand Prix was canceled a few hours after the first free practice session due to the sudden increase in coronavirus infections around the world and now the script it risked repeating itself but due to logistical problems.

The ship that contained the equipment of three Formula 1 teamsafter leaving England with a delay 11 days compared to the initial plans, also due to the Russian invasion that started the war in Ukraine, saw its roadmap that included 42 days of further slowing down navigation. Despite this, however, it seemed he could reach Melbourne by the set date at the time of departure, but a further mishap had reduced to a faint the chances that the containers with the materials of the three teams arrived in time in Australia so that the possibility of postponing or canceling the Australian GP was being considered.

The ship indeed last week was blocked in Singapore with the risk of not being able to provide the material on time to the three teams which became more and more concrete. At that point, however, there wasprovidential intervention of a man which effectively resolved the situation and averted the cancellation of the Australian GP. The man in question is called Paul Fowler and its role is that of DHL’s Vice President of Motorsports Logistics official partner of Formula 1. The British manager is indeed flew from Great Britain to Singapore and accelerated the material transfer with three of his company’s cargo planesone of which came from Los Angeles and another from Vietnam.

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Under the supervision of Fowler the cargo containing the equipment of the three Formula 1 teams was then removed from the ship, repackaged and loaded onto the three aircraft (two Boeing 777s and one 767-300). After the immediate restart with destination Melbourne to get to the circuit in time, and finally the good news with the material that arrived in the Albert Park paddock on Monday morning with all the teams having therefore had their respective equipment in time for the regular running of the Australian GP, ‚Äč‚Äčthird round of the 2022 Formula 1 World Championship.

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