A wasted opportunity for Alonso. And Ocon runs away

In Australia the Alpine proved to grow from race to race and is a candidate for the role of fourth force in the world championship. Alonso unlucky and wasteful, while Ocon takes advantage and runs away.

Only three races have passed since the start of the world championship F1, but there are already enough elements to draw up a first hierarchy in the paddock. And if in front of the Ferrari seems to take off, behind the group is slowly compacting. A fierce struggle, from which theAlpine she wants to try to emerge victorious. The car seems to respond very well, showing steady progress week after week. But despite this, from the weekend Australian the team French he comes back with a few too many regrets: yes, because with Fernando Alonso there was the possibility of playing for an extraordinary result. But the misfortune (and mistakes) of the Spanish they forced the stable of Enstone to settle for the seventh place of the excellent Esteban Or withfirmly first in the “ranking of others”.


In addition to big like Ferrari, Mercedes And McLarenamong the machines that have grown the most since their debut in Bahrain there is undoubtedly theAlpine. The results obtained in the tests, albeit late, turned out to be true: theA521 it performs very well in all conditions, showing an excellent balance both on the flying lap and on the race pace. The feeling is that with a correct development you can really dream big, perhaps looking at something more than the role of fourth force in the world championship. However, there remain some limits on which we still need to work: above all, the problem of reliability can greatly affect the rest of the season. The three engines already used on Fernando’s car Alonso I am a sword of Damocles ready to fall on the heads of the whole team.


Having said the goodness of the car, we must also mention the results obtained by the two standard bearers of theAlpine. And specifically for the Gp d ‘Australia, the response is bittersweet. Definitely sweet for Esteban Or with, very good at exploiting the full potential of his car to grab a good seventh place, from which he gained points, confidence and the platonic title of “first in the world championship”. Bitter, at times very bitter, for Fernando Alonso: despite a sensational approach, with times very close to those of Ferrari And Red Bullthe weekend Australian for theAsturian has taken a negative turn. Before the incident in the Q3, just as he was about to take provisional pole. And then the bad luck in the race, when the second safety car ruined his strategy. A hard double blow to take, which increases regrets and disadvantage from the teammate. But we have to swear: Nando will bring out the lion that is in him to go up again. Maybe already from the next appointment ad Imolaa track that he particularly loves.

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