“Ached, but I grit my teeth”

TO Rome the IInternational Tennis Championships and some players of the Lazio took advantage of the rest days to follow the tournament. From the cameras of SuperTennis Tv the captain was caught Ciro Immobilewent to Foro Italico to follow the friend Fabio Fognini. The attacker stopped to answer a few questions: “I am passionate, I like sport in general, but tennis and Formula 1 (as well as football) are the ones I like the most. I met Fabio (Fognini, ed) some time ago. I came to cheer for him, I like the way he plays. With Matteo (Berrettini, ed) we celebrated together the victory of the European Championship and his Wimbledon final, so I enjoy playing tennis. Being near here, I am happy to come. Nice the return of the public. It was missing, as in all sports. What people send you, especially here at the Forum who are very attached, is different for a player: playing without an audience is not the same thing. I played a bit, I even did a course, but I stress the tendons too much, between ankle and knee. When I stop, I think I’ll give it a little more time“.

PHYSICAL SITUATION –How am i? A bit bruised, but two games are missing so let’s grit our teeth“.

COMPARISONS –The Ciro Immobile of tennis? I like Berrettini, he puts his grit on the pitch. Fognini is also a technically very strong player. The tennis player has responsibility on his shoulders, while we players share it. When there are these types of matches and tournaments, mental weight is crucial. The stronger your head the better you go“.

ITALIAN TIFO – It is nice that foreign players are impressed by our support, you can see that we transmit passion. Before Covid I met Zverev, he is a good guy, I like how he plays. Then he is very tall (laughs, ed)“.

BERRETTINI – An anecdote with Matteo during this summer’s celebrations? I have to say he didn’t expect it. We took a long bus ride together and I noticed it. We talked about the fact that it was nice to experience those emotions 100% together. He made me happy, he worked hard, he lost in the final against a great champion, but he got the right tribute. Coming back after an injury is tough. I heard him some time ago for his birthday, he invited me, but I had a game and I told him I would like to see him in Rome because I haven’t seen him play live yet. He is strong, smart, he will come back stronger“.

SCUDETTO FIGHT –Who wins the Scudetto? Hard. Milan have a slight advantage“.

Posted on 11/05

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