“Against, life and destiny of Novak Djokovic”

Any individual, sporty or not, who gets so much talk about himself as to have a dedicated book, even years after his rise, which, although it shouldn’t surprise, continues to amaze, is a great one. When from the daily news we pass to the story, to the story that will become history and then (in all probability) legend, we are faced with something unique. Just as the man on a mission from Belgrade is unique, and we have had yet another proof of this: on March 22, just over a week ago, “Sperling & Kupfer“, A well-known house in sports publishing, has sent to the press a great description, including emotions and highlights, of the career of one of the most talked about characters of the moment : Novak Djokovic. As we all know, at this moment the Serbian is at the center of various discussions that go beyond the distinctly tennis reasons for entering a political-health field that concerns Nole’s ideas and beliefs. In the book, not surprisingly, Eternal Simon in fact, he dedicates the last chapter to the COVID and vaccine issue, which is denying Nole the right to defend his positions and his numbers on the field, putting the sport that has made him the myth he has become in the background.

Sport that has distinguished, and distinguishes, even the life of the author of the work, to the first book after having held the well-known podcast “Slap on the fly“With Jacopo Lo Monaco : Eterno has followed 39 Grand Slams, 15 of which as correspondent, in addition to the main events of the circuit, therefore offers an intense and complete overview of the career of the current (pending the quarter of Medvedev in Miami, very clear at the press conference on what his goal is) number 1 in the world, a man who was never entirely loved, and never entirely hated. A man who, however, without a shadow of a doubt has shaken the hearts of all fans in the depths, dividing and creating discussions (and isn’t this basically what makes him great?) Since the beginning of his career. Career that in the presentation of the book is effectively enclosed in two iconic moments: ” On 14 July 2019, in London, inside a stadium overflowing with out-of-control spectators, Roger Federer is only one point away from winning his ninth Wimbledon title, his twenty-first success in a Grand Slam tournament. On the other side of the net, however, there is a player named Novak Djokovic: one who, fighting alone against fifteen thousand people, will be able to overturn an ending that seemed already written; one who in a press conference will say: «When the audience shouts: ‘Roger! Roger! ‘ what I hear in my head is: ‘Novak! Novak ‘”. Two years later, in New York, Djokovic competes in the final of the US Open to reach the infamous 21, as well as complete the Grand Slam, an expected goal in tennis for more than 50 years. But he is two sets down and, at the change, the Russian Daniil Medvedev will serve to close the match. In New York, more than anywhere else, Djokovic has never been particularly loved, but here is the imponderable: the whole stadium rises to applaud him and to chant his name. Djokovic claps his hand on his heart, but then he doesn’t hold back his tears: he is still crying when he positions himself at the bottom of the field to get to the end of the game from which he will come out defeated.

These two moments embody perhaps more than all how much the world of tennis (and not only) has always danced between love and hate, between veneration and fear, towards the Cannibal of these years, of one who was feared even before going on the court and that with his vocal cords alone he seemed to push his opponents back. The champion’s fate marked him, and the life he has lived so far has rewarded him. And Simone Eterno, with wisdom and lightness, retraces the salient moments and the toughest rivalries, the falls and the climbs, but above all he gives us back the real Djokovic, that of 41-0, of the near Grand Slam, finally putting in last place the hateful story that binds him to COVID and the vaccine. A real must have for Djokovic fans, to love him more; for the detractors, to re-evaluate it (and after all who despises wants to buy) and finally for the fans of this wonderful sport, to relive memories of sweeter days and almost Homeric battles on the razor’s edge. A book that enters the murky meanders and darkest memories, in apparently insignificant things, but which in reality are everything. Because the greatness is in the little things, and to be number 1 the details are fundamental.

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