Alcaraz, Sinner and the new psychodrama of Italian “fans”

Sinner’s dream is already over, with an Alcaraz of the kind who will be the ruler of tennis for the next fifteen years, there is no hope for him ”. On the web, on social networks, on the groups that animate and give voice to the belly of Italian tennis fans, there is a great can-can on the new deeds of the Spanish phenomenon and on the pains of the young Jannik.

The loud noisy theorem is more or less the one inserted in the initial quotation mark. Since Carlitos is forging ahead, breaking precocity records and showing a repertoire already worthy of one of the best top players, then for the 20-year-old Italian – guilty, among other things, of being one year and nine months older than him – there is no longer any hope of making a first-rate career.

To analyze it in a rational way, what snakes in the comments of the keyboard analysts is a reasoning bordering on paradoxical. As if the prospect of competing with the best players on the planet wasn’t an extraordinary prospect in itselfpractically unprecedented for Italian tennis until a few years ago, removed the parenthesis of the roaring seventies of Panatta, Barazzutti and Bertolucci.

As if the idea that a twenty-year-old Italian could be included among the possible winners of the most important tournaments on the circuit is not a goal worthy of being counted in the category of “potential” champions of the present and the future. As if having won five tournaments and having already set foot in the top-10, little more than a teenager, is not something that can already talk about a player of another level.

As if having touched on qualifying for the Finals (and then having played them, and how, as a fished-out) cannot already be considered a goal that the vast majority of tennis players can only afford to dream of over the course of an entire career. And above all, as if the good Alcaraz, certainly an extraordinary and impressive interpreter of this sport, is condemned to win every single tournament, to be the undisputed number one, to eliminate any other tennis player from the scene.

There are no elements to say that Alcaraz will not be the great protagonist of the near and distant future. We wish him well. But at the same time there are no elements to affirm that the rest of the circuit is destined to disappear, starting beaten in every tournament, on every surface and in every situation.

So, dear “passionate” friends, rest assured. Sinner will be there. He will grow further, mature, his twenty years allow him to make mistakes, to change, to try new solutions. But above all, his twenty years allow him to continue dreaming. With all due respect to all of you, to all of us.

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