“Alcaraz’s growth surprised me too. Now we need to protect it “

Juan Carlos Ferrero’s was certainly an unforgettable week: from the deep sorrow for the loss of his dear father, to the first important victory in his career for his favorite pupil Carlos. Alcaraz. A roller coaster of emotions that the 42-year-old former world number one was able to hide until he burst into tears when Carlos went to hug him immediately after turning the match point into the final against Casper Ruud. Juan Carlos was the first person Alcaraz went to, testifying to how strong the relationship between student and coach is. These are the statements of “Mosquito” at the press conference.

This must be a difficult time for you, Juan Carlos. But congratulations on winning the tournament.

Carlos played really well: he has incredible potential but he is already playing at a very high level. As for my team, it is important to always remain united and support each other not only in good times, but also in difficult ones, like this one “.

Were you surprised by Carlos’ growth, so rapid and exponential?

“Yes and no. I realized his potential maybe two or three years ago, because I saw him train with players who had a much better ranking than him, and despite being only 16 he managed to keep their level with ease. With daily hard work it was enough for me to create a stimulating environment around him, and the rest came by itself. It was certainly a very fast process, this was difficult to imagine and it surprised me too ”.

Was there a particular match that convinced you that Carlos could get that strong?

“I wouldn’t really talk about a particular match. Maybe the one in Rio de Janeiro against Albert Ramos was important because he won it, but at the same time he understood that there was still a lot to work on his physical condition, because he was exhausted in the end. In a certain sense we can indicate it as the tournament in which he became aware of being able to play with the strongest in the world “.

Do you ever talk about your journey together? Where did it all start coming to victory in a 1000 just a few years later?

“Not much, actually. Our speeches concern game situations, training situations; I always try to remind him that a certain emotional balance must be maintained both in case of victory and in case of defeat. Obviously we know well that he will still collect many victories, so my job is also to make sure that he knows well what awaits him in the environment from now on ”.

Do you still think that he expresses himself best on clay?

“We are not sure anymore (laughs, ed). We only started training on hardcourt for a year, but after all, I always thought his aggressive playing style could be adapted to hardcourt and grass as well. Let’s say that at the moment I still answer yes, but in the near future the answer may change! “

Speaking of surfaces, the season on clay is approaching: how do you think he can maintain concentration in view of Roland Garros, and above all what will be the approach program?

“For now we only have a few days of golf ahead! After the relaxation we will go back to training, and it will be like every day. Obviously winning a Masters 1000 is important, but we have to keep our feet on the ground ”.

You already know what it takes to get to number 1 in the ranking. What is the most important thing to do to make sure everything goes smoothly?

“We just have to let him play, now it is difficult to answer this question. The next step will be to be able to enter the final stages of a Grand Slam, then we’ll see. Now as a team we have to create a bubble around him, because it is a delicate moment in which a lot of distractions come and it is the last thing we want to happen: we have to stay focused on our goals and training, and go to play every tournament as if nothing had happened “.

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