Alessandro Pecci and Costanza Traversi win in Maglie and qualify for the International BNL of Italy draw

Alessandro Pecci and Costanza Traversi win in Maglie and qualify for the International BNL of Italy draw

At the Circolo Tennis di Maglie, the Apulian leg of the pre-qualification circuit for the BNL Internationals in Rome ended with the winners Costanza Traversi (2.2) and Alessandro Pecci (2.3) who remove the ticket for access to the Foro Italico.

In the women’s final Traversi beat Emma Lioi (2.5) 6-4 6-1, after an hour and a half of play. In the men Pecci overtook Tommaso Gabrieli (2.1) for 6-3 6-1, also after an hour and a half of play.

The winners and winners of the doubles matches, played on Saturday, also access the draw in Rome, In the women’s victory of the couple Benedetta Davato (2.8) and Iryna Buriachok (2.8) who overcame the couple Anastasia Piangerelli (2.4) and Maria Andrea Artimedi at the tiebreak (2.4) for 6-0 5-7 10-8. In the men, the couple Giuseppe La Vela (2.2) and Davide Pontoglio (2.3) overtook the couple Luca Tomasetto (2.1) and Tommaso Roggiero (2.2) in a match where an intensity of play was admired that made the match very spectacular. and enthusiastic spectators present. The match ended 7-6 (3) 7-5 to demonstrate the perfect balance of forces on the pitch and it was certainly one of the best matches seen in this tournament.

The awards ceremony was attended by the mayor of Maglie, Ernesto Toma, the president of the Puglia regional committee, Francesco Mantegazza, the FIT regional councilor and tournament director, Antonio Baglivo, the vice president of CT Maglie, Mario Coppola, another representative of the municipal administration, the councilor Marcella Marsano and Mrs. Lia De Iaco, widow of the late president Carlo De Iaco recently passed away. The ceremony was preceded by a brief and moving memory of De Iaco by the attendees. For Coppola: “At De Iaco we will continue to inspire us in the belief that we can continue in the path that he has traced and that has led the Tennis Club of Maglie to be the important reality it is now”.

Great appreciation for the organization was expressed by Mantegazza: “This is a particular tournament that is not easy to organize. I believe that the Circolo Tennis Maglie has responded brilliantly and I am sure that they will ask to be able to repeat it again for next year “.

The director Antonio Baglivo sums up the tournament: “We hosted a large selection of the best Italian tennis players who made the tournament spectacular. What makes us proud and hope for Italian tennis was the presence of many very young people. Also satisfied by the presence of many fans attracted by the event and who have followed the meetings with great interest since the first day. Managing the over 200 members was not easy due to the organizational problems related, in addition to the competitive aspect, to logistics, hospitality, catering, communication, which require skills and experience present in our staff. Furthermore, thanks to our four covered courts, we were able to respect the schedule of matches on a regular basis. As recognized by Mantegazza it was a very demanding tournament due to its peculiarity but, thanks to the experience gained in many years of organization, from the Fed Cup world semifinal between Italy and the Czech Republic to the international recognition of Tennis Europe as the best organization and promotion of youth tournaments, CT Maglie has always proved up to the situation “.

The next appointment for the Circolo Tennis Maglie is the Under 12 International Tennis Europe Tournament, Trofeo Maglio, which will take place in the first week of May.


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