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The transfer of components from one team to another has become more and more frequent in Formula 1. The current technical and sporting regulations classify the components among standard parts, those whose design is instead the responsibility of the individual teams, the open-source parts. and finally the transferable ones. On this front, the cooperation between the teams extends to various levels depending on the economic and planning strategies of the individual teams. In the context of Red Bull, for example, AlphaTauri shares the rear of the RB18, but not the front, having already adopted the front steering-suspension unit from the Milton Keynes team in 2021.

In the Ferrari orbit, on the other hand, Haas is the team that most of all on the grid takes advantage of the opportunities given by the regulation regarding the transfer of components. The VF22 shares the power unit, the gearbox and the front and rear suspension units with the single-seater from Maranello. Different speech for the other Ferrari-powered team, Alfa Romeo. The C42 is powered by the Italian engine, but unlike Haas it does not use the suspension developed by the Scuderia. Also, although the drivetrain is the same as the F1-75 at the gear level, the outer casing of the gearbox was designed directly in Hinwil, so as to be able to independently arrange the rear suspension arms and control their kinematics, as well as the aerodynamic influence. At the rear, the C42 sports a push-rod layout, contrary to the pull-rod geometry adopted by Ferrari and transposed to the Haas.

We don’t use anything from Ferrari other than the power unit and transmissionTechnical Director Jan Monchaux told Tech Talk on F1TVWe have reduced the scope of supply, developing our tank, our external structure for the gearbox and our rear suspension. All this for two reasons. The first is for the budget cap, because it is better for us to go in this direction. Added to this is that it also gives us a little more freedom in this first season to develop our concept without being bound by the work of our Italian friends ”. Two different strategies therefore for the two Ferrari-powered teams, which after the first two races of the season occupy the fifth and sixth position in the constructors’ standings, separated by just three points. A direct challenge destined to recur already at Albert Park in Melbourne, where the third round will be staged.

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