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This weekend there is a mega motorsport program for all tastes. Here is a summary with timetables and TV to not miss a single GP which also includes Formula E, motocross, IndyCar and Nascar

Mario Salvini

– Milan

You all know: you have probably already stocked up and everything is ready on your sofas. Those who love racing this weekend will barricade themselves at home, ready for the biggest binge imaginable. In what will be remembered as the most roaring weekend in history, the perfect storm of motorsport, the bengodi of car and motorcycle enthusiasts. Across 19 time zones across three continents the roar will hardly ever go out: Formula 1 in Melbourne; MotoGP in Austin, Formula E in Rome, Superbike in Aragon, Indycar in Long Beach, Nascar in Martinsville and Motocross World Championship in Pietramurata, in the province of Trento. In all there are 50 events (excluding the free practices of Indy and Nascar …) or if, with a certain concreteness, you want to limit yourself only to the meat: the races between Saturday and Sunday will be 17.


Many this morning will have already warmed up with the free practice sessions of Formula 1. And with the super Ferrari we have seen, we have all day left to rethink tomorrow’s qualifying and Sunday’s race in perspective. The Superbike runs in Aragon (live TV on Sky channel 208) with the second practice session at 3pm. at 11pm, when the last lap of the second round of Moto3 ends. The MotoGP goes on track at 16.50 and then again at 21.05, all live on SkySport MotoGP but also in the clear on TV8. However at 11pm, just after Moto3, there are just those 5 minutes to go back to the PC, put on MolaTV or on the NASCAR track pass for qualifying from Martinsville, Virginia.


It starts to get serious. Wake up at 4.45: optional, come on, since it is still free practice, the last of Formula 1. But then at 8 there can be no more stories: Ferrari is chasing the pole position in Melbourne. First, if one is already awake, it might be an idea to have breakfast with the Formula E free practice sessions which start at 7.15 on the Eur roads. But beware: they are not live on TV, you have to resort to the social channels of the electric championship. Same thing for the second session which starts at 9. That is: as soon as the F1 qualifications are over, alè: you jump from the TV to your PC, tablet or smartphone and you go from Melbourne to Rome. At 9.45 the time comes for the choices: because even in Aragon we start with the Superpole, with that of the SuperSport300, then that of the Supersport and, at 11.10, the main one, of the Superbike (all on Channel 208 of Sky). In the middle, however, it could be more interesting to move to Rome, to the Formula E qualifications which are also played in the format of the board with quarter-finals, semifinals and final: they start at 10.40 and go to Italy 1 and Sky Sport Action. For lunch it is worth staying in Aragon: 12.40 Superpole of the Sport300 and then finally, at 14, race 1 of the SBK. While for the digestive the Formula E race seems preferable to the MX2 qualifying in Pietramurata (Eurosport Player): the electric cars start at 15, the motocross bikes at 15.15. At 16 another doubt between the free 3 of the Moto2 in Austin and the qualifying of the MXGP. With all the other free races of the world championship to follow. Those of the Moto3 in Texas overlap with the free practices of the InyCar in California, in Long Beach. You can still choose lightly. So, at 19.35, here is the Moto2 qualifying in Austin. While at 21.10 there is no escape, you have to choose: the qualification of Bagnaia, Bastianini, Quartaro & C. or those of Indy. Last effort at 22.05, with the sprint for the Moto2 pole. And then the dilemma: a nap or a bit of melina to wait for Nascar: the race in Martinsville, eighth round of the season, starts at 1.30 am. The serious professional makes a drittone, he doesn’t even think about going to bed. But whoever gives up will be forgiven, since the alarm will go off early on Sunday morning, very early.


Trillo at 6.45 am, in time for coffee and for the lights to go out in Melbourne. At 7 am the third GP of the season of Formula 1 starts. It is conceivable that the free practice sessions of Formula E in the meantime will go unnoticed. But after a well-deserved breakfast, we hope to make a toast to the coffee latte at Ferrari, at 10.40 Giovinazzi and the others restart in qualifying, overlapping the Superpole Race of the SBK which starts at 11. At aperitif time the choice is between the SuperSport race in Aragon and race 1 of the MX2 in Pietramurata. Then we have lunch with the MXGP, at 13.15 there is race1. With the Superbike that fits perfectly at 2 pm While at 3 pm for the digestion there is the dilemma of the alternative: the second race in Rome of the Formula E starts, with the MX2 running its race 2 at 3.10 pm and with the SuperSport300 at 15.15. No problem, however, for the grand finale of the cross with the MXGP that goes on the dirt road at 4.10 pm with race 2. It is therefore even possible to take a small break, approximately between 17 and 18.20, the time when the Moto2 race in Austin starts. Then here we are: it’s time for the MotoGP, starting at 8pm. Ideal for Sunday night pizza. There is even time to enjoy the podium and post-race interview. Then you have to decide between the Moto3 and the Indy race, both starting at 21.30. The idea could be to start in Austin and make it to Long Beach. To then gain the bed, perhaps with a slight dizziness, but also with a certain, beautiful, satisfaction.

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