all is well what ends Vene

from our correspondent in Brindisi

BEANE 6 – Too little incisive in attack, especially on returning from the locker room when he fails three possessions with three different types of errors (wrong shot, overrun and infraction of steps). Before the break, however, he signs one of his most beautiful actions, with a coast-to-coast in just 4 ”. For the rest, AB contributes with a lot of defense, especially on a good Harrison, yes, but not infallible also due to the opposition of the red and white 7.

WOLDETENSAE 5 (WORST) – After so many fireworks, Tomas finds himself with some wet miccetta. A nice basket at the start, but he never finds the measure from the arc – his specialty until today – failing even for too much indecision a very open triple for the possible +6. Perhaps the first evening he has been in the hole since he was in Varese, but on the other hand Visconti (the one who could have been in his place) produces a “shooting target” game with 0/6 from the arc.

SOROKAS 6.5 – Applause yes, congratulations also but also some difficulties in containing Perkins who, moreover, is one of the most interesting pivots of Serie A. He arrives in double figures even if he does something wrong in attack, he holds up the impact as he can by paying duty under his own basket . He proves, however, amply enough of “Paolino”.

DE NICOLAO 6 – Earns credit when… he is on the bench, in the sense that without him Openjobmetis struggles so much to build play and get the ball rolling on offense. Usual energetic and willing attitude to guard his own half of the pitch, a lot of good rebounding work (5) and the stain of an “empty goal penalty” (wrong hand holding the ball with one hand) in the final match that could have had consequences series.

VENE 7,5 (THE BEST) – Extremely tough ballot with Keene to decide who to award the palm of the best that would have to be split. In the end we choose Estonian, for those 14 points scored in the last period that change the history of the match. Combined with the unedited Perkins marking that bears many fruits. Skills among which there are also the two free at 4 ”4 from the conclusion, when you need an arctic coldness, or at least Baltic, in order not to have tremors. MVP Confident also for the readers of our #direttavn (but by a whisker there too).

Openjobmetis, welcome back victory: Brindisi beaten in the final sprint

REYES 7 – Minutes still not too large (15 ‘), which however the Latin-Bostonian fills with many good things. He enters and makes two blitzes in defense, scores in an overhead kick in attack and then comes back out with the first mistake. Roijakkers, however, does not reject him and re-launches him in the low quintet that turns the game, making a lot of wood even in the red-hot final. Not bad for someone who risked paying duty for lack of experience.

LIBRIZE 5.5 – Usual mosquito in defense, to sting the legs of the external opponents, but a couple of shots refused in attack and a very avoidable foul on Visconti’s basket.

VIRGINIO SV – Roijakkers tries it to unhinge the area with a 3: 0 on 2 shot and a bench in a few moments.

CARUSO 5 – Not his game: Perkins’ mix of physique, hands and experience is too much for him. He removes doubts from Roijakkers by making the foul column splash.

KEENE 7.5 – Welcome back, Mister Marcus! Upon returning to the parquet he scores 23 points in half an hour of use, remains a cornerstone of the team even when he does not make a basket and completes his game with the decisive snatch from Perkins in the last, decisive, action of Brindisi that with that possession could have been make the overtaking prank. In the middle also some errors, shooting or tactical (a couple of fouls spent in a revisable way) but also the confirmation that the team leader remains him.

Roijakkers: “When the attack struggles, you win with the defense”

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