Allegri, the provocation on Guardiola falls into a sea of ​​controversy

The hours that bring us closer to direct confrontation Juventus-Inter they are marked by many words, also due to the long stop for the national teams. It is therefore easy to fall into fault between interviews and statements. During the week he talked a lot Max Allegriin particular with an exclusive interview given to the weekly GQ. In addition to the refusal for Real Madrid, the second in his career, to marry the Juventus cause again, the Livorno coach let himself go to a statement on his colleague Pep Guardiola which has not gone unnoticed. For many a gaffe, for others a simple Allegri-style provocation. But that was enough to raise a crawl space on social media.

Allegri on Guardiola: “He has a goalkeeper to throw long”

Massimiliano Allegri confidential what, to the microphones of GQ, he opened by telling the background and impressions on his second adventure at the Juventus. Speaking of football in general, as a staunch defender of a mentality not tied to today’s tactics, the Livorno coach made a parallel with the master of tiki taka, today at Manchester City, for many the best coach around.

“Guardiola is an extraordinary coach, but look what he did. Everyone starts from the bottom, he bought a goalkeeper (Ederson, ed) who throws eighty meters. I mean that people often let themselves be duped by things that don’t exist: in the end, the game has to be won. And all matches are not the same, not to mention that there are many different matches within the match “.

Allegri denied by the numbers on City, Ederson and Guardiola

Words those of Allegri that evidently aimed to diminish the much acclaimed pursuit of the ball game on the ground by Pep Guardiola. Yet there are those who have taken the trouble to go and check. The profile has put online a statistic that summarizes the data on the total passes, with particular regard to the long balls of the goalkeeper, in the Premier League. From these numbers it is clear that Ederson, precisely the number 1 of the Citizens, is by far the goalkeeper who, in the context of his passes, makes fewer long balls. Just 25 percent. And there’s more: considering the whole team, only Tottenham (1,279 so far) have fewer long balls than Manchester City (1,333 in this league).

Allegri’s other recent gaffe on -10 from Atalanta

If of gaffe we are speaking in relation to these words of Merry on City, Guardiola’s game and Ederson’s long balls, would be the second for Max. Before the break, in fact, in the press conference preceding the match against Salernitana, the Juve coach talking about the comeback made in recent months by his team He said: On 6 January at 10.30pm we were at -10 from Atalantawhile now we can consolidate fourth place and get to play the direct clash with Inter at a much shorter distance ”.

A sentence denied, even here by the numbers: on January 6, after Juve-Napoli, the bianconeri were in fact yes behind the Goddessbut only of 3 points. The ranking read in fact Atalanta fourth at 38, Juventus fifth at 35.

Allegri’s words on Guardiola, web storm

The question, if ever there was a need, has raised a feud that has been going on for months, years, on the theme “Max Allegri” especially within the Juventus fans themselves perennially divided between “cheerful“And those who #AllegriOut always. The first ones began to invade the web of videos of City actions starting right from Ederson’s long relaunch and provoking: “Do you really think you know football and the game of #ManCity better than #Allegri?”

The slice of Juventus against Allegri and his game mentality instead attack with drawn sword: “I doubt that Pep #Guardiola will respond to #Allegri. Silence, perhaps, would be the most appropriate answer “writes someone,” Di Allegri is struck by the fact that he thinks that his fans are all morons and he is the only smart one. That he can say the opposite of everything that he is right, period. Populism to the nth degree. The few times that he is created a minimum of contradictory bribery “perhaps recalling the fight on TV with Adani.

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