Alonso’s disappointment: Easy podium in Melbourne, we lost an opportunity – 2022

L’Alpine she has shown that she has a great pace and great potential which, however, so far, at least in these first races, she has not been able to exploit. Especially with Alonso. The Asturian, having missed an arrival in sixth position in Saudi Arabia due to a technical problem, he experienced a very unfortunate weekend also in Australia.

The Spanish bi-champion after starting in tenth position, following a problem that occurred in Q3he had succeeded in the race, starting on compounds Hard, to recover up to fourth position. Unfortunately, however, the unfortunate entrances of the Safety Car they will blow up his entire comeback.

Lost opportunity for the podium with the retirement of Verstappen

The final results does not do justice to the potential ofA522with Alonso sure that if if he had had a clean weekend he could have easily won the podium at Melbourne: “It seems it’s all against us. We lost two safe places in top-6, top-7 between Saudi Arabia and Australia. This if we consider where we were when the Safety Car entered, but if we look at Max’s retirement, getting the podium would have been very easy for us. We should have just beaten Russell to move up to third position. We were quite fast in Australia, much more competitive than Mercedes. We have missed an opportunitybring back the portal ‘Grand Prix 247.’

Fernando AlonsoAlpine, Australian GP 2022 (photo: Twitter, Alpine)

The Spanish he had shown a great pace, but then mounted the tires Averages he found himself in traffic and it was impossible for him to reach the top-10. “My comeback was limited by having found myself after a stop behind a train of cars that could have resorted to using the DRS. Overtaking is easy when you meet one car at a time, but when they are there four cars that can open the movable wing becomes impossible. In addition, the tires are destroyed. It is a difficult result to accept. You can not go back. We focus on Imolawhere we will try to seize our chances “.

Worn tires led to a further stop during the 53rd lap. Pit stop that will condemn him to the 17th final placement.

Photo: Twitter, Alpine

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