Alpine, Alonso promises: Updates soon. Did you like the duel with Ocon? You will see others – 2022

Fernando Alonso he was the protagonist of excellent performances in the first two races of the season, but was at the same time very unlucky. After hitting the ninth place in Bahrainin fact, the Spaniard was also doing well in Saudi Arabiathen a breakdown of his Alpine forced him to retire. This denied him a place alongside his teammate in the top six of the drivers’ standings. Will he be able to get back in after the Australian Grand Prix? As always, the answer will be given by the track.

In the meantime, let’s go and see his feelings.

Alonso’s words in view of the Australian GP

Here is what Alonso said:

“It’s always fun to race in Melbourne. It’s been a while, but we’re all happy to be back. It’s usually the first race of the season, so it’ll be interesting to see if the weather is different from what we’ve experienced previously in Melbourne. Melbourne. I like the track and while it’s quite difficult to overtake, the changes have been made to encourage the show so we’ll see how it turns out. I think it’s clear we won’t see overtaking at the same level we have seen in Bahrain and in Saudi Arabia, but with these new cars it seems easier to chase, so in theory it should be easier to overtake than in the past. “

The balance after the first two races

“We deserve to be much higher in the standings after two races. Our car was good and performance was also good over the weekends. Last weekend was a disappointment as we looked comfortable and positioned ourselves for sixth until our retirement. It was frustrating, but we can be satisfied with our general pace. On Sunday we get more points, so we just have to make sure we get them. The whole team is working hard to make sure we are up to our development and we have some development elements planned for the first part of the season. “

On the battle with Ocon in Jeddah

“We have had some fair and exciting races in Saudi Arabia and also in Bahrain. We have a lot of mutual respect and the team recognizes that too. We raced and sometimes we touched each other, but we were under control and in the end we are pilots. We realize that the race. team comes first and we both accept it when we race wheel to wheel. I hope you enjoyed watching it at home because it was fun to have a car that can fight like this in corners and on straights. I’m sure there will be more battles with Esteban and the rest of the group this year, as apart from two cars in front, we are very close to a certain number of teams. “

Photos (both) Twitter Alpine

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