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The new technical era of Formula 1, which began at the same time as the 2022 world championship, created many difficulties for the engineers and designers of all the teams to create cars capable of fully respecting the regulatory changes introduced; among these, one of the most complex points focused on the need to bring the cars closer to minimum weightinitially set at 795 kg and then increased to 798 shortly before the start of the championship, thanks to the numerous requests received by the teams from the FIA ​​on this thorny topic. The teams’ goal was to raise the minimum weight to ensure that all the teams were ‘heavy’ without paying a large gap from the lighter cars, instead the Federation only granted 3 kg against the hoped for 10. Consequently, one of the major objectives planned by the teams is that of further lighten their cars, with some of them already on track to be able to reach this milestone quickly. Those who encountered major problems, in this sense, were the Alpinewhich in any case defined a precise period of the season in which the A522 could register a real decline on the scale.

Specifically, to have admitted this program was the new Technical Director of the French company, Pat Frywho circled the last two weekends of May on the calendar, coinciding with the appointments in Spain and Monte Carlo: “I hope it can be for the sixth or seventh race of the championship – explained the English manager in an interview with therace.comit’s a good challenge. We are ‘weighing down’ the cars in order to ‘survive’ the passage on the curbs, at least in Jeddah we had to do this. Normally, we have a car that puts on five kilos in the first half of the season and tries to maintain a certain degree of reliability. We just have to keep working on it. Hopefully we can easily be ‘underweight’ mid-season“.

A goal, that of reducing weight, synonymous with an increase in the pace of the cars, capable of revealing themselves faster than three or four tenths per turn for every 10 kg lostagain depending on the type of route: “We need to reduce weight and increase performance – added Fry – there will be some updates coming in the next two or three races, without forgetting the others that we will bring along. As we do this, we will also try to catch up on weight. We are not much above, but you want to be possibly a couple of pounds below. We designed our car for maximum performance, accepting that it would be slightly heavy and overweight. We have added a lot of stiffness to the bottom of the car, but we know how to lighten it ”.

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