Alpine: from Formula 1 to esports

The Formula 1 season has just begun with the first two Grands Prix which marked the return of a finally competitive Ferrari, combined with the difficulties of Mercedes and the precarious reliability of the Red Bulls. Among the teams fighting for the top places there is also Alpine, a brand financed by Renault, with the car driven by Esteban Ocon and Fernando Alonso. 2021 was more than promising with Ocon’s victory in Hungary which brought the French manufacturer back to the top step of the podium after 13 years. 2022 did not start badly with sixth and seventh place for the Frenchman and a ninth place for the Spaniard. Beyond the “real” car race, the Alpine launched into esports a year ago as well with simracing competitions.

Simracing as an evolution

The car racing simulators are not only a tool that allows drivers to train constantly during the year on the various circuits but have now become accessible to the general public, creating a real competitive sub-sector of esports, simracing. Like Ferrari, Alpine too has embarked on a path in gaming that will be repeated this year with the second edition of the Alpine Esports Seriesa competition that will be held in collaboration with Race Clutch, an IT hardware brand, and Binance, a platform for the transition of cryptocurrencies.“For us simracing represents the evolution of motoring with the real and virtual world that offer a natural synergy that cannot be found in other esports or traditional sports”, said Cedric Journel, Alpine Vice President of Sales & Marketing.

Prize pool: $ 100,000

According to reports from Alpine itself, more than 100 simdrivers, as the professional (and non-professional) pilots of the simulators are called, have participated in the qualifying tournament for the 2022 edition in recent weeks. The competition, which will be played on the Assetto Corsa video game Competition, is giving away $ 100,000 in Fan Token which will be distributed throughout the competitive season. In addition, there will also be other prizes such as a driving experience on the Alpine GT4, a Trak Racer Trx simulator and a BenQ Mobiuz monitor. “The pilots of the simulators have a natural ability to drive thanks to the realism that today’s technology offers between platforms such as Assetto Corsa and the actual simulators”continued Cedric Journel, closing: “We are thrilled to relaunch the Alpine Esports Series for the second year.”

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