Alvaro Morata and the sad fate of the eternal expendable: good, useful, everyone likes, but never really makes anyone fall in love

History is the overthrow exact idea of ​​the Homeric poem. Because at the heart of the storytelling there is no Nostos, that exhausting desire to go home, but the melancholy of not having yet found a place to take root. It is something that has to do with the concept of eternal returnan image that by dint of being copied with the carbon paper it ended up becoming a classic in spite of itself. Because every time June comes Álvaro Morata he has to deal with a destiny that is always in the balance, with the finding to be a relative and never an absolute superlative. A great player that nobody really wants to take on. Especially a title definitive. It has been like this for years. And so it is also in this torrid beginning of market.

On Wednesday the striker officially returned toAtletico Madrid. The deadline for redeeming it has expired and the Juventus did not want to offer the thirty million euros needed to bring it to Turin permanently. Operators are keen to point out that it is not one rejection. It is only the fruit of one assessment. Because the bianconeri would gladly take it back. But on loan. Or at the sale price. It is a choice based on the certainty that “mattresses”They don’t want to know about him anymore. And they would also be willing to come to terms to get rid of his engagement. A stasis that a few days ago was perfectly summarized by the Spanish newspapers, which underlined how Juventus and Atletico are in some moments “forced to meet half way for Morata “. All for a momentary stasis which, except for twists, will be resolved with an agreement that will make everyone (partially) happy. It’s a short circuit for a striker who scored 9 goals and served 7 assists in the season, confirming himself as a precious element in a very high level squad.

The fact is that the qualities of the player have turned into his own point weak. Morata is so good he can be deployed everywhere. False nine, true center forward, even outside in an attack to three. She pulls and passes. It associates and estranges itself. Unroll the restart and concludes the maneuver. Yet the Spaniard always ends up being the right man in the wrong place (or attack). In every season there has been something of him abnormal, a conclusion that invalidated the premises. Even with Spain. In 56 games he scored 26 goals. A booty from center forward which cannot be questioned. At Euro 2020 he was an immovable starter, but he was practically always replaced. He scored three goals, played excellent games, was essential in the stage construction. Yet the wrong penalty against Italy seems to have reduced what was his yield. Not for Luis Enrique. The city publicly defended him then and did so again in these matches Nations League. “In his club perhaps he didn’t stand out this year, but he has the usual numbers of him – he said – for us it is important, he offers us solutions, he is very powerful physically, with a good shot. He’s a striker very interesting. I am very happy with him ”.

Yet even in the beautiful words that his trainer he spent on him there is something out of place. “Nobody defends like Morata,” she said Luis Enrique. It is a speech that makes a lot of sense for how he plays it Spain, but which is unusual when referring to one who plays offense. Álvaro’s fate seems to be that of please everyone but never really make anyone fall in love. It was like this in his first parenthesis at the Juve. It was so al Real Madrid. It was so al ChelseaatAtletico Madrid and now back to Juventus. Morata bounced from club to club in a nomadism made even more paradoxical by the blazon of the clubs he played for. He was greeted with big smiles and greeted in indifference. And now for him the umpteenth phase of waiting in his career has opened. In “The handGeorges Simenon he writes that “you get so used to people that we continue to see them as we saw them the first time “. This is also the case with Morata. The Spaniard seems imprisoned in the role of eternal promise who accompanied him on his first adventure in black and white. Only then he became the Phil Connors (played by a great Bill Murray) from I start all over again, the man forced to relive the same day over and over again. A destiny who has not abandoned him even at the beginning of the season. “I would like to play where they are most interested in me – he said recently – Everyone likes to be where they are most wanted and most appreciated.” It is the dream of become an absolute that still has to deal with a paradoxical reality that considers it a relative. Most expendable of the greats forwards.


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