Aprilia winning in MotoGP, head and heart in Noale. And the mayor announces: “Party in the square”

NOALE – And then came 2009, the year of the turning point. After the period of emptiness in which the past was the cradle of talents (Max Biaggi, Loris Capirossi and Valentino Rossi are enough to give the idea?) was just a distant memory, to relaunch Aprilia was Piaggio’s plan to aim for the Superbike championship in grand style. So when the goal became clear, the Noale plant started to pulsate again. There, in the Miranese, in the province of Venice, is the heart and brain of the racing department of the Italian team, victorious on Sunday for the first time in MotoGp in Rio Hondoin Argentina.

Now there is a desire to repeat the success already in a few days in Texas so as not to wake up from that dream that Aleix Espargaro has turned into reality. A reality so vibrant as to push the mayor of Noale, Patrizia Andreotti, to want to organize a party in the square. «I hope it will be possible, we will try. Triumphs like this need a city that rejoices as a whole ».

To look for the seeds of victory in the premier class of two wheels, one cannot ignore what was done in Superbike between 2010 and 2014 when the return of the prodigal son Max Biaggi coincided with two world titles (2010 and 2012). It was in those years that Noale strengthened. The desire to return to MotoGP does the rest and so from 2015 – with a decisive acceleration from the 2019 date of the appointment as CEO of Massimo Rivola, until shortly before in Ferrari, where he had discovered a certain Charles Leclerc – they arrive in the factories of Miranese aerodynamic engineers and motorists from other manufacturers of the circuit but also from motor racing and Formula 1. The tradition of the Aprilia frame mixes with innovations and other materials that push the company to invest in engine test benches among the best in Italy, innovative design systems and signing of contracts with the best wind tunnels throughout Europe. The introduction of fresh minds also does a lot, so the best profiles of the universities of Veneto – especially from Padua – and of the country arrive in Noale.

A victory that crowns an excellent period for the Piaggio Group, which in Noale had recently started a phase of recruitment and new projects. And if the new investments were welcomed with gratitude, it is the sporting success that warms the hearts of many Noalesi who are very attached to the historic company. “We were hoping for a lot – comments the mayor Patrizia Andreotti – It is a great and deserved success”. A couple of months ago the first citizen had visited the plant, meeting the company top management. «I had touched and realized how much a team of great experience and extreme professionalism is. Regardless of who has the laurel in hand, this victory is the result of the work of many. I am happy for them, knowing the commitment behind a result like this, and also for the citizens of Noale who are very fond of the brand and have been waiting for years to see the historic bike on the podium ». With the deputy mayor Alessandra Dini, who was recently elected to the Board of Directors of “Città dei Motori” (Anci network that brings together the 35 Italian municipalities linked to Made in Italy), yesterday she sent a letter of congratulations to the CEO. Vittoria: «We made him the proposal to officially toast, if there is the possibility. There is no rush, we will wait for them when they return, at the end of the races – explains Dini – We want to organize an official and public thanksgiving event, because it is necessary to celebrate the team, the team and all those who work in Aprilia and who have believed in the company, carrying on the brand with tenacity and passion “.

Waiting for news on the Aprilia Museum, with Anci Città dei Motori Dini is also working on the organization of an itinerary “of the engines” which obviously will also touch Noale. And among the thousands of posts with which the Noalesi celebrate their triumph in these hours, Ivano Beggio, the founder of Aprilia who died in 2018, is often mentioned. It was Beggio who took over the historic bicycle factory that his family owned in Noale to make it land in the world of motorcycles. And in Noale he had always remained very close, so much so that he left, among his last wishes, the request for a “ride” to Noale. On the day of his funeral his family then left Asolo to reach the many Noalesi who wanted to greet him. “He will be smiling,” many write. “This victory is for him.”


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