Arezzo wins by suffering. Calderini and Cutolo in goal, then Tiferno keeps the amaranth on their toes

Two goals in 12 minutes seemed to have set the road downhill for Arezzo, which after the goals of Calderini and Cutolo had even touched the trio with Doratiotto. Instead, the recovery was a real pain, with Tiferno reopening the match thanks to a header by Tersini. The amaranths, under an incessant rain, were able to breathe a sigh of relief only in the 95th minute, at the end of the recovery. For the classification, however, there are three precious points that allow Gavorrano to be tied to third place. The chronicle.


50 – ends 2-1 for Arezzo in a two-faced match. The first half was good, the recovery was definitely too painful. However, there are three heavy points for the classification

45 – granted 5 minutes of recovery

38 – Calderini protests after yet another foul immediately (not whistled). Yellow for him too

36 – broken game that Arezzo is unable to keep in hand. Benedetti also on the referee’s notebook

34 – last change for Arezzo. Campner makes room for Zona. The former Rieti is booked after a few seconds for a foul on d’Urso

33 – Colombo decisive once again. Ruggeri wedges himself in the area and with his left beats hard towards the goal, the goalkeeper puts his leg in the corner

28 – Calderini earns a good position which Persano, however, kicks over the crossbar

22 – Pizzutelli also out, in difficulty in this second half. The play is now Pisanu

18 – third change for Arezzo: Persano goes to give weight to the attack. Out of Cutolo

17 – fortuitous but violent header between Benedetti and Sensi in the middle of the pitch. The two remain on the ground for a few minutes, the referee restarts the game with a punishment for Arezzo (Sensi warned)

7 – Mariotti makes use of the first changes. Mancino and Doratiotto exit, Benedetti and Marras enter

5 GOAL – Tiferno reopens the match. Cross from the right and Tersini, all alone inside the small area, puts his head in, signing the 2-1

4 – Bux throw-in in the attacking area for Tiferno. The ball slips into the area and Capppa kicks with his left. Colombo holds it in two stages

1 – it starts again in an even more intense rain and without substitutions in the two teams


45 – without even a minute of recovery, Duzel closes the first half. Arezzo ahead thanks to a great start. But Tiferno remains in the game

40 – double ball goal for Tiferno. Massai kicks twice with a safe shot from inside the area but first Van der Velden and then Ruggeri oppose with the body. In the end it’s just a corner

32 – Pizzutelli loses the ball and then commits a foul on Bagnolo. The referee warns him

29 – Bagnolo tries for Tiferno. Left from outside the area that does not create problems in Colombo

25 – Arezzo very close to 3-0. Calderini slips away from Tersini and puts her low on the far post where Dorattiotto, incredibly, cannot find the mirror

23 – Mancino steals the ball on the opponent’s trocar and is spread from behind by Ruggeri. Duzel, again, doesn’t whistle

15 – thrill in the amaranth area. Cappa from the right finds Battellini who swerves towards the door, Colombo instinctively puts in the corner

14 – Bux sinks the tackle on Campaner inside the area. Arezzo calls for a penalty but Duzel, perhaps covered, lets it go amid protests

12 GOAL – Cutolo’s bomb on a free kick from twenty meters. The ball slips under the intersection to the right of Guerri. Double Arezzo, second goal for the captain this season

9 GOAL – splendid amaranth restart. Cutolo with a precise launch serves Doratiotto who controls the class and serves Calderini in the area. On the 18th he tows, feints and scores from the left. 1-0 amaranth, 15th center of the season for the playmaker

2 – two dangerous conclusions for Arezzo in the first 120 seconds. Guerri breathlessly rejects a Mancino shot deflected by Bux, then left-footed Marchi raises his aim too much from a good position

1 – the game is played in heavy rain but the pitch appears to be in good condition. The groups from the south are still outside the stadium today



“Città di Arezzo” Stadium, 6.30 pm.

AREZZO (4-3-1-2): 1 Columbus; 23 Campaner (34 ‘st 33 Zona), 77 Frosali, 4 Van der Velden, 21 G. Ruggeri; 20 Mancino (7 ‘st 5 Benedetti), 95 Pizzutelli, (22’ st 6 Pisanu) 26 Marchi; 11 Doratiotto (7 ‘st 31 D. Marras); 18 Calderini, 10 Cutolo (18 ‘st 90 Persano).

Available: 22 Balucani, 3 Mastino, 16 Sicurella, 19 Pinna.

Coach: Marco Mariotti.

Unavailable: Giofrè, Lazzarini, Magliocca. Disqualified: Biondi. Beware: Campaner, Colombo, Marchi.

TIFERNO LERCHI (4-2-3-1): 1 War; 2 Sensi (27 ‘st 13 De Santis), 6 Mariucci (27’ st 14 Avellini), 4 Tersini, 3 Bux; 5 Evangelista (43 ‘st 17 Khammar), 11 Ruggeri; 7 Cappa, 10 Bagnolo (10 ‘st 19 D’Urso), 8 Massai; 9 Battellini.

Available: 12 Elisei, 15 Pazzaglia, 16 Rosi, 18 Locchi, 20 Patriarchs.

Coach: Gualtiero Machi.

REFEREE: Dario Duzel from Castelfranco Veneto (Davide Fenzi from Treviso – Pier Guido Morsanuto from Portogruaro).

NOTE: spectators present about 400. Booked: pt 32 ‘Pizzutelli, 40’ F. Ruggeri; st 17 ‘Sensi, 26’ Mariucci, 34 ‘Zone, 36’ Benedetti, 37 ‘Calderini. Corners: 3-6. Time recovery: 0 ‘and 5’

NETWORKS: pt 9 ‘Calderini, 12’ Cutolo; st 5 ‘Tersini


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