at 300 km / h with one hand on the steering wheel

An unpublished video published by Formula 1 revealed an inconvenience that happened to Max Verstappen during the Saudi Arabian GP while he was dueling with Leclerc for the victory and which forced him to drive with one hand on the wheel for several very fast sections of the track. Jeddah.

The 2022 Formula 1 World Championship has just begun but, despite this, there are already many exciting moments that it has given us. On both duels for the win between Charles Leclerc and Max Verstappen that after two races boast one success each. Among these moments there was also one that was staged in the last one Saudi Arabian GP but which had gone completely unnoticed as not broadcast on TV by international direction.

In fact, during the 50 laps on the Jeddah track reigning world championthen winner of the GP, found himself having to deal with a sudden which forced him to drive for almost a whole lap with one hand on the steering wheel even in sections where the speed approached 300 km / h. In fact, during the Saudi race, while he was in pursuit of Leclerc’s Ferrari who at that moment, before the Virtual Safety Car that changed the fortunes of the grand prix a little, was in the lead, the Dutch Red Bull at several times he had to take a hand off the steering wheel to try to detach the Monegasque’s tear-off visor from his car that was stuck on his RB18 and that somehow obstructed his view.

A additional and unexpected difficulty therefore for Max Verstappen that for a moment brought Formula 1 back to the old days, when, that is, without having the gearbox on the steering wheel, the drivers were often forced to drive with one hand for different sections of the track. Going completely unnoticed on live TV, the unexpected event the 24-year-old from Hasselt faced in Jeddah was revealed in a clip released on the official F1 Twitter account.

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From the video you can clearly see how Dutch have it before pulled his hands out of the cockpit at the exit of turn three in an attempt to remove the debris that fluttered in front of his helmet, then repeat the gesture again at the exit of turn ten, where Mick Schumacher had his terrible accident in qualifying. Having failed to remove the tear-off visor that had stuck to his car, Verstappen then he tried again in the fastest part of the tracki.e. between turns 25 and 27, and finally made a last attempt, this time successful, along the very fast main straight.

Overtaking, counter-overtaking, tactical moves and counter-moves but not only therefore. The duel between Leclerc and Verstappen in Jeddah, fiery on the track (and with some complaints too many on the radio) but based on great mutual respect (as denoted by the compliments made after the finish by the Monegasque to the rival even before getting off the car), in fact he also gave us throbbing moments that at first were not able to grasp.

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