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GP Australia, the highlights of the race

There are old flavors in Melbourne’s late afternoon air, in that soft early autumn light that is now in the other hemisphere. The flavors of an ancient domain yet experienced by more than one person who still lives inside the box today Ferrari. Mattia Binotto sure, but not only. That Mattia who after two years, maybe three years, of biting toads today enjoys a creature that everyone caresses, physically and metaphorically, a creature that brings back the pride of a brand that was terribly in need of certain days. If the F1-75 for others it has the appearance of a bad monster, for those who experience the Cavallino from inside this car has the shape of a dream that today appears finally achievable. Of course, it will be very long: and in fact we are careful not to go too far in long-term declarations, preferring to stick to phrases of circumstance. There is, it is also right: when you know you are strong, but really strong, it is not that you unbutton yourself too much about your superiority. Ask to Toto Wolff (but not this year, at least not yet) to believe. It is a mouth watering Ferrari, thinking about the championship but above all about Imola, the next stage: a circuit that seems propitious, that seems to be waiting only to be trodden by a car which, on paper, on the Santerno could find one of the most fertile terrains due to its characteristics. What features? A downforce from fear, one traction excellent, a motor that pushes properly. And also a pilot who in braking, one of the most critical aspects of driving these F1 2022, is taking a lot of his. This Ferrari has a lot of downforce to sell, demonstrating that the technicians at Maranello were right in undertaking the aerodynamic concept belonging to the F1-75; in traction in the tests the Red Bull seemed a bit superior, and instead it is the Cavallino that leads the way in this area, with a car that goes very well when exiting the slow corners, also because it is supported by a power unit which at low revs expresses a exceptional couple. Not that the RB18 going badly, from this point of view, but it is fair to say that at the moment the Red has something more. And she has it above all in general, putting together the various pieces that make up the competitiveness of a single-seater. In three races, the evidence is that of a Red Bull that can compete with Ferrari when efficiency matters a lot, as in Jeddah; in slow corners or where more load is needed, however, the F1-75 is ahead. In particular, and this is the really decisive aspect at the moment, it is on thereliability, the great absentee in Milton Keynes’s car. From the red in the evening of Bahrain to the red dawn of Melbourne (at least for us Europeans), there is a dominant color in this beginning of the world championship.

Binotto: “One race at a time, reliability is essential”

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