Bahrain GP 2022 TV Schedules – Sky and TV8 preview and programming

F1 | Week End Times: Bahrain GP 2022 – Preview and TV schedules on Sky and TV8

It is the dawn of a new era, a new generation of single-seaters is ready to write the history of the premier category of motorsport. After 6 days of winter testing, the 2022 F1 season officially begins in Bahrain. Times GP Bahrain TV 2022 F1

Bahrain GP (Sakhir) 2022 TV Schedules – Photo: ACELITH Design

Update 15/03: Change the TV8 schedule: Scroll down for the new deferred times

After a long wait for all the fans, Formula 1 is ready to turn off the traffic lights at the first race of what will be the 73rd season of the top category of motorsport. With only 6 days of winter testing in which all the teams have hidden, we will have to wait for Saturday’s qualifying to begin to understand the true values ​​of this new generation of single-seaters. Times GP Bahrain TV 2022 F1

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In 2022 the FIA ​​confirmed the 60-minute Free Practice and the teams, especially at the start of the season, will have to use all the minutes available to collect valuable data on the new cars.

The circuit, 5412 m long, was built in early 2004 after the agreement with Ecclestone to host a long time finish a Formula 1 Grand Prix in Bahrain. The Bahrain International Circuit features numerous links between various parts of the circuit so that different track layouts can be used for the various categories.

Being positioned in the middle of a desert, a layer of wind blown sand is deposited on the circuit. To reduce these problems, during the race weekends, the organizers treat the sandy areas immediately around the track with a special adhesive spray.

On this track, the aerodynamic load required (medium or medium-high) must satisfy a good compromise between long straights and fast corners; it is therefore up to the driver to decide what to favor according to his driving style.

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🇧🇭 2022 Bahrain Grand Prix TV Schedules 🇧🇭

Sky Sport GP Bahrain 2022 schedule

Friday 18/03/2022

  • L13:00 Free Practice 1 – Sky Sport F1
  • the16:00 Free Practice 2 – Sky Sport F1

Saturday 19/03/2022

  • L13:00 Free Practice 3 – Sky Sport F1
  • the16:00 Qualifications – Sky Sport F1

Sunday 20/03/2022

  • the16:00 Competition – Sky Sport F1

2022 Bahrain GP TV8 programming

Saturday 19/03/2022

  • !9:00 pm Qualifying – TV8 (deferred)

Sunday 20/03/2022

  • L9:30 pm Race – TV8 (deferred)

NB: The times of the deferred may be subject to changes, we recommend that you connect at least 60 minutes before the scheduled time.

All sessions will be live on Sky Sport F1, qualifying and delayed race on TV8.

2022 season calendar

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