Basketball Serie A, 25th day: Sassari beats Milan 92-90

A gigantic 3-man Logan drags the Sardinians to success against an Olimpia immediately in difficulty, also due to Datome’s injury. Varese inguia Brindisi, 13th success in a row for Brescia

The 25th day of Serie A offers surprises: Milan leaves the top of the standings, Olimpia in Sassari fails to complete the comeback after a bad first part of the match. Varese returns to the playoff area complicating life in Brindisi, with the fifth defeat in the last six games.

Sassari-Milan 92-90

Emotions before the duo, the PalaSerradimigni pays an ovation to Pozzecco, the first as an opponent on the Sassari parquet. Poz in tears thanks, receives a celebratory shirt and also goes to embrace all the players in Dinamo shirts trained last season. Just Messina’s deputy had warned about how Sassari was dangerous from long distances and the start of the race reflects the prediction: Dinamo starts being dragged by Logan with an 8 11 from 3 that puts Milan on the ropes. Olimpia was immediately forced to do without Datome due to an injury, after hitting -12, reacted with Bentil and Hall and kept in contact in the first quarter. The script does not change in the second fraction, Sassari has very high percentages from the long distance, Logan is a sentence and the defense of Olimpia is unrecognizable, also paying for Bilan’s work in the low post, so much so as to touch -15. Only Delaney’s basket on the siren softens the passive in the 20 ‘which recites 56-43 in favor of biancoblu. After the long break, the Milanese reaction, late but arrives, Bendzius for Sassari seems to repeat the script of the first two quarters, then Delaney and Bentil lead the comeback from 30 points in a quarter; before the break of -7, followed by the new set, son of the rediscovered defense, which is worth 75-73 with which the third fraction ends. Logan continues his personal show, Milan responds by hitting a team from long distance and the race is decided only in the final; Bilan signs the basket of the new +3 Sassari with 1 ‘from the end, Olimpia impacts with Delaney after three consecutive possessions and there is a tie in the last seconds. Delaney makes a mistake, Robinson instead no, coast to coast and a penetration basket that is worth 92-90, in Milan there is just over a second and no time out available, Delaney’s prayer still does not go to target and Sassari finds the victory .

Sassari Logan 25, Bilan 21, Bendzius 17
Milan Bentil 22, Delaney 18, Hall, Shields 13

Brindisi-Varese 72-75

The start of the match is all from Brindisi: the two consecutive triples by Udom and a counterattack by Visconti produce the first break of the evening (4 ‘, 10-5). Varese has his work cut out for taking measures to the hosts who are sometimes too plastered both in attack and in defense. A mobility defect, which Harrison and company corrected within a couple of minutes with a new tear that is worth the new maximum advantage (8 ‘, 20-12). Keene’s entry into the field after returning after two days off is pure energy for the Varese team, which changes pace and returns to a tie at 20 at the beginning of the second quarter. An event that once again shakes the home team with Harrison protagonist of the 7-0 break (14 ‘, 27-20) with which Brindisi tries again to escape. The match is not one to remember for the quality of the game expressed on the pitch. In any case, Varese is the least wrong. He manages, possession after possession to even get the lead on the siren of the second quarter (20 ‘, 34-35). On their return, Harrison and Udom take the chair (24 ‘, 46-40) before Keene’s 4-point play (from the line) who makes the free kick for the coach sanctioned Vitucci and the following 3 for the foul committed by Zanelli over the arch (46-44). The game flies away on the edge of balance and without particular jolts except for turnovers or revisable offensive solutions. Harrison’s fourth foul with more than 8 minutes to play complicates Vitucci’s game plan. Varese first with two consecutive triples (33 ‘, 61-60) and then with another 3-pointer by Keene (mvp), returns to frighten Brindisi by regaining command of operations, even in a completely unexpected way (36’, 66- 69). It is played point by point to the point of agony. With 29 ”from the end Varese is only 1 point ahead (72-73). Perkins misses from below in an authentic trap the basket of the possible advantage, leaving the opponents possession and another 5 ”on the clock. Vene Siim makes it 2/2 from the line (72-75) putting the victory in the safe. The last desperate attempt for Zanelli’s equalizer ends up on the iron.

toasts Perkins 21, Harrison 15, Udom 11, Gaspardo 10
Varese Keene 23, Vene Siim 19, Sorokas 10

Brescia-Trento 86-62

Brescia makes 13: against Trento comes the thirteenth affirmation of the Lombards who consolidate even more their third position in the standings, playing with the usual conviction. Trento tries several times to get back into the game, but in the last quarter collapses under the blows of the hosts after reopening a virtually closed game in the 25th minute. The host formation (4-6) does not start very badly, putting a spoke in the wheels of Brescia, which takes 5 ‘to wake up from an off-season hibernation: a 4-point game by Della Valle rings the alarm for the hosts who give that moment they become inexorable, concluding the first quarter with a well deserved 26-12.

Trento immediately reopens the game with a 7-0 (26-19). Brescia, forced into a continuous relay between the long sides given the absence of Cobbins, does not break down and replies blow by blow returning to +13 which closes the second quarter (45-32). After the long interval, Trento tries to recover the deficit accumulated in the first 20 ‘(45-37). Brescia does not break up and responds by widening the gap up to Moore’s + 20 (61-41). Match scored? Not even for an idea: Bradford takes his team by the hand and with triples brings Trento back into the race which at the beginning of the last quarter is at -7 (63-56). And the latest Juventus blaze: Brescia presses on the accelerator and reaches +20 (78-58) with Gabriel as protagonist, closing the game and retouching his record again. (Alberto Banzola)

Brescia Gabriel 18, Della Valle 16, Mitrou-Long 13.
Trento Williams 15, Caroline 13, Bradford and Reynolds 9.

Reggiana-Venice 78-85

Second consecutive victory in the championship for Venice that overtakes Reggio Emilia thanks to Bramos (22 points and 4/7 from 3) and the former De Nicolao, author of the offensive blaze that decided the final sprint. A super Hopkins was not enough for Unahotels, which was largely remodeled, finishing with 25 points and 26 points. Still without Candi and Diouf and with the top scorer Olisevicius who may have finished the season prematurely due to Achilles tendon problems, coach Caja chooses the quintet composed of Cinciarini, Larson, Strautins, Johnson and Hopkins while De Raffaele responds with Theodore, Stone, Bramos, Brooks and Watt, leaving Tonut to rest. Reggio starts better and despite Reyer’s 3-2 zone manages to find good solutions in attack, finishing the first quarter ahead thanks to a triple from Cinciarini on the siren (19-18 at 10 ‘). Venezia, however, adjusted his aim and with Brooks and Bramos made a break of 28-15 with which he forcefully took control of the game, going to the interval on +12 (34-46 at 20 ‘). Unahotels ‘reaction is entrusted to Cinciarini and Crawford, but thanks to Watt’s approaching baskets, Reyer remains ahead (60-67 at 30’). Reggio opens the last quarter with a 6-0 run that calls everything into question (66-67 at 34 ‘), but De Nicolao takes the chair and signs the decisive extension pushing his team to +7 (72-79) at 70 “from the end. For Caja’s team, Hopkins’ blaze is not enough to return. Honorable mention for referee Carmelo Paternicò who just this evening crossed the prestigious goal of 700 matches in Serie A.

Reggio Emilia Hopkins 25, Cinciarini 14, Strautins 11
Venice Bramos 22, Brooks 13, Watt 11

Fortitudo Bo-Cremona 85-83

kkkLa Fortitudo wins in the sprint the challenge among the desperate at the bottom of the standings, condemning Cremona to virtual relegation even if the arithmetic still gives (feeble) hope to the Lombard club. Game of fear, always in balance, eventually broken by Aradori, a player out of the category for this (low) level. Bologna leans on the former blue in attack and on the long Groselle, but Cremona responds with Tinkle and the Spanish baby. First quarter with the hosts above 3 (24-21), overtaking the guests at the interval (44-47). In the second half no one takes important advantages, we go on arm in arm until the arrival at the photo finish. On 83-81 Spaniard goes to break the possession of the possible external victory and on the systematic foul Aradori puts his stamp on a heavy victory but that does not secure the Effe.
Fortitudo: Aradori 27, Groselle 21, Benzing 11
Cremona: Tinkle, McNeace and Spanish 15


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