beat Brindisi in the final sprint

From our correspondent – In an evening born gray, like the clouds that discharge rain at the entrance of the PalaPentassuglia, the Openjobmetis by Roijakkers manages to get out a bright rainbow. The red and white interrupt the short negative streak of two defeats and push back with great personality fears of a return to the lower-middle area of ​​the ranking: 72-75 for Varese in a finale with a lot of suspense in which, however, the guests have good realized I had an iota of inertia on your side.

Thanks to one intelligent and not obvious tactical choice: to stop a Perkins difficult to contain, Roijakkers made the diametrically opposite move. Just pivot (Sorokas and Caruso) and in their place Siim-Sander Vene (with Reyes next to him) that he has Vitucci’s totem is limited with agility and experience, thus also charging for the attack. “I wanted Perkins at that point faced a different player and so I used a quintet that I had launched when Caruso was out due to an injury ”explains the flying Dutchman on the red and white bench. Confirming that even on evenings that are not always perfect, the hit of imagination can make a difference.

We said to you: it is it was up to him to put the two triples which brought Varese back forward, but also a fundamental basket from below in a final in which quick baskets and blue pencil errors alternated. But if SSV (after half a game in deficit) was able to collect the decisive points, the merit is also by Marcus Keene: a return of 23 points marked for the Texan elf, with not exciting percentages but with the constant need of the defense to keep their guard up on him. With consequent greater space for others. And then also a stolen ball with 5 ″ from the end from the hands of Perkins.

Not the best Varese, we repeat, the one that takes off from Papola-Casale with two heavy points in the hold, but it is clear that the most important thing is the final result, especially on a difficult field (Brindisi was looking for the shock) and in an evening full of traps. From a Happy Casa shortened due to Gentile and Clark’s absences to a arbitrage that has displeased everyone several times, up to a really asphyxiated attack for half the race. Situations faced perhaps with difficulty, but for which Varese has found in the end the right solutions.

At the end of the match, therefore, Openjobmetis comes out refreshed from the comparison and go back to looking at the ranking with your head held high. An injection of confidence for the double home match – Treviso and Trieste within three days – which will have to give a definitive indication for the future path of the red and white. Who dream of dusting off that (virtual) rainbow that appeared tonight among the olive trees and the red earth of Salento.

Openjobmetis report cards: all is well what Vene ends up


The return of Marcus Keene completes the rotations of Johan Roijakkers (for the speaker, “coach: Adriano Vertemati” …) who, however, does not touch the starting lineup with De Nicolao and Librizzi Italian guards. On the opposite front, a Frank Vitucci, given in the balance by the rumors of Brindisi, must renounce – as announced by VareseNews – Wes Clark. Ale Gentile also out for the ankle problem, relapsing. Direction in the hands of Zanelli, one of the three Italians in the quintet (there are also Visconti and Udom).
Good public at the sports hall named after another former Varese coach, “Big Elio” Pentassuglia, where there is a small and passionate representation of Lombard fans in the parterre as well as a dozen ultras.


Q1 – 5 by Vene but 2 triples by Udom who takes advantage of the help of the Estonian on Perkins to score from afar and give the first minibreak. Keene enters but without De Nicolao the attack from Varese is stopped, so the Happy house extends up to 20-12 but stops on two free throws missed by Perkins. At that point the OJM finds a couple of baskets with Reyes and Keene and closes almost on contact, 20-16.
Q2 – The second period seems to smile again in Brindisi, because Varese never scores from the bow and at a certain point he stops trying. Unlike the first quarter, however, the Apulians soon go to the bonus and the laps on the bezel help Openjobmetis to stay close also because the hosts waste something too close to the basket. The hang-up seems to fade and instead, after an error from Redivo 3 to 4 “from the end, Beane catches the rebound, runs offensively and scores at the entrance. Unexpected overtaking after a minibreak of 4-11 in 5 ‘: it is halfway through the race 34-35.
Q3 – Udom opens the period with two free throw errors but then has a great impact on the start of the second half and creates a partial in which for Varese there is a single triple from Keene (after the collective 1/11 of the first 20 ‘ ). The Happy Casa, however, gives the impression of not being able to sink the blow: Keene takes advantage of a foul by Zanelli with consequent technical to Vitucci to put 4 free out of 4 and bring the OJM back in the slipstream. In the end it is up to Perkins to attack Sorokas’ defense with two dynamic baskets and a tap in: all to be redone for the guests below. 59-54.

Roijakkers: “When the attack struggles, you win with the defense”


A piece of the game is decided immediately, that is when Vene loads and scores the two heavy shots that put Varese back in full swing with the breath on the neck of the hosts. Who replicate with a triple from Zanelli but suffer another basket from under the Estonian, now in full offensive trance alongside the work in the rear on Perkins. There is also Reyes, with a tap in sign (perhaps not assigned in the match report) and then with a quick basket. A break opens which becomes 0-7 with Keene’s triple for +3. From that moment Brindisi will shorten to -1 but without ever going back, between Marchiani errors (Visconti, De Nicolao), contested baskets (Perkins, starting steps) and many thrills. On +1 Varese Keene misses a decisive shot but makes up for it by stealing the ball from Perkins in the low post, then Vene puts in the free throws 4 ”4 from the end and Happy Casa fails to build a worthy shot. Red and white festival in Salento, 72-75.

(20-16, 34-35; 59-54)

TOASTS: Zanelli 9 (0-1, 2-4), Harrison 15 (3-7, 2-6), Visconti 4 (2-3, 0-6), Udom 11 (1-2, 4-5), Perkins 21 (10-17); Adrian (0-1 from 3), Gaspardo 10 (3-5, 1-4), Redivo 2 (1-4, 0-4), De Zeeuw. Ne: Barnaba, Epifani. Herds Vitucci.
VARESE: De Nicolao 5 (2-5, 0-1), Librizzi, Beane 6 (3-7, 0-1), Vene 19 (4-5, 3-5), Sorokas 10 (2-5, 0-2) ; Woldetensae 4 (1-3, 0-4), Reyes 7 (3-4, 0-1), Virginio (0-2 from 3), Caruso 1, Keene 23 (4-11, 3-9). Herds Roijakkers.
REFEREES: Sahin, Bongiorni, Walnut.
NOTE. From 2: B 20-39, V 19-40. From 3: B 8-28, V 6-25. Tl: B 8-19, V 19-24. Rebounds: B 43 (11 off., Perkins 13), V 42 (8 off., Sorokas 7). Assist: B 14 (Adrian, Redivo 4), V 12 (Keene 4). Lost: B 11 (Harrison 3), V 9 (Beane 3). Recovered: B 2 (Gaspardo, Perkins 1), V 5 (Woldetensae 2). Exit 5 fouls: Harrison. Technical sheet: Vitucci (23.45). Spectators: 2,500.

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