Berrettini and the stereotype to be erased: Panatta also falls for it

Berrettini, Panatta also gets involved: this is how the blue tennis legend stumbled into the same, usual, mistake.

First the stick, then the carrot. Adriano Panatta he doesn’t send them to say. The former tennis player has never minced his tongue and he doesn’t even have it when he is questioned about the heroes of modern tennis. He never goes around them: if there is anything to praise them he does it, otherwise he sings them to him as best he can.

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Of Matteo Berrettini speaks often and willingly. There is his signature, on the other hand, on a prophecy, which came true, which dates back to several years ago. “You will serve at 220 km / h”He said to the Roman, when he was not yet the champion and the slam animal that he has become over time.

The Italian tennis legend brought up his “heir” even a few hours, naming him in the middle of the show TV Talk, on Rai 3. And he did it by saying something not too nice about him, although maybe his intentions were good. That is, marrying a stereotype that perhaps it would be time to dispel.

Berrettini and that cliché: a beauty that dances like few others

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“Berrettini is a handsome boy – said Adriano Panatta – and in addition to this we can say that he plays very well. Sometimes, however, it is not enough, he is a polite and very good boy but sometimes lacks malice“.

His statement is teeming with trite and coy phrases about the viceroy of Wimbledon. We all agree on the fact that he is a handsome boy and there is no need to emphasize it all the time: we see it. And it is equally true that he is polite, that he is a young man and a decent tennis player that he never loses control. He has never made a scene on the pitch as, unfortunately, many of his colleagues do. However, we disagree that he lacks nastiness.

History teaches us that Berrettini knows how to bring out the character and the personalitywhen needed. It just doesn’t do it as blatantly as others. Think of that “I don’t hear you”Yelled on the pitch at the end of the match with Gael Monfils, which secured Matteo access to the Australian Open semifinal. Here, on that occasion he was “bad” and how. He even roared. He knew how to bring out the grit and silence the audience who whistled at him without any fall in style. Not to mention the way, certainly not very forgiving, in which he knows how to get out of uncomfortable situations every time he gets bogged down. Nice and polite yes, then, but also soon. And on that, sorry, but it doesn’t rain a bit.

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