Binotto calls, Domenicali replies: “Guaranteed penalty on the budget cap” – Formula 1

140 million dollars. This is the spending ceiling that the stables are required to observe to complete the 2022 racing season which will be divided into 23 stages, two of which have already been staged. Ferrari did not disappoint expectations and after preparing the redemption for at least two years in conjunction with the arrival of the new technical regulation, the F1-75 in the hands of Charles Leclerc and Carlos Sainz collected 78 points out of the 88 offered in Bahrain and in Saudi Arabia with Charles Leclerc winner at Sakhir, a track on which he also signed the pole position.

Mattia Binotto, Ferrari team principal, aware of the fact that every detail can make a difference in what promises to be a tug-of-war with Max Verstappen and Red Bull, has invoked from the FIA ​​and Liberty Media accurate control over compliance with the budget cap and in the post-race in Jeddah he underlined all the controversial race situations that did not translate into penalties for Max Verstappen (unsafe release on the occasion of the pit stop) and for Sergio Perez (failure to immediately return the position taken against Sainz exiting the pits without having the right).

Christian Horner in terms of budget cap stressed that inflation is driving up the costs of raw materials and from his point of view a review of the current spending ceiling would be necessary. Red Bull and Mercedes on the eve of the championship have already tried to exploit the six sprint races to get 5 million dollars more to spend in 2022. A prospect denied by the FIA ​​and Liberty Media who have confirmed 3 sprint races as in 2021 without granting any derogation in terms of costs. Stefano Domenicali, CEO of Liberty Media, reassured Binotto regarding the rigor that will be applied in the controls on expenses. On the other hand, however, inflation is a tangible fact even simply as regards the expenses related to transport and travel.

“For 2022, I have two concerns and the first, whether the teams like it or not, is definitely control, because if those who have to regulate something wrong, the whole system collapses – Domenicali’s clear words reported by the newspaper on observing the budget cap – the second point obviously concerns some variables that were difficult to predict when financial regulation was launched. Inflation is going in an unpredictable direction and transport costs have also increased in the last few weeks in an unpredictable way ”.


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