Binotto raises. And he reveals details of Schumacher

It was an overflowing Ferrari that has been admired so far in the first remnant of the season Formula One. Reliable and fast, the F1-75 developed in winter allowed Sainz And Leclerc to stand out immediately and take the lead in the World Championship rankings, a position that they hope to maintain within the Cavallino until the end of the year.

Ferrari, Binotto’s ambition

Ferrari therefore began a long and complicated journey in the best possible way Binotto he wants to face with the right amount of humility but, at the same time, great determination.

“Aiming for the title? It will be clearer only after the first five races. I can say that we are in a good position to be able to fight for victory in every GP ”, the Red Team Principal told Bild.

“We are enjoying this good start, but we want to maintain this level of performance as we firmly believe that last year’s world champions are still the favorites. In any case we know what to aim for in the coming months“.

Ferrari, Binotto enthusiastic about the development of the F1-75

Binotto is therefore aware that he is in the position and that he has the right means to aspire to something important.

We knew we had prepared well and to have worked hard as a team. But obviously we didn’t have a clear idea of ​​where we were compared to the other teams. We did not expect such a good result in the first race “revealed the Swiss manager, who was then very determined to silence the rumors about a alleged early development of the F1-75.

“Everyone was only allowed to start working in the wind tunnel on January 1, 2021. Maybe we focused more on the 2022 car, but we all started from the same point.”

Binotto’s inspiration

Binotto therefore reiterated the goodness of the work done in recent months a Maranelloan environment where the 1969 class of Lausanne entered, immediately drawing inspiration and notions from a figure who made the history of Ferrari.

“With Schumacher we had a fantastic, incredible time. I am really proud to have been a part of it. And not only: I learned a lot from him. I took Michael’s winning mentality and the ability to be a leader. I will never forget his teachings ”declared the TP of the Red.

We want to bring this Ferrari culture back to the team. We are the only ones to have always been in Formula 1, the most successful team in history. This is what we want to represent ”.



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