Bologna – Sampdoria: 2-0 Serie A 2021/2022. Final result and commentary on the match

  • Thank you for following the direct written of this meeting. See you at the next Serie A matches.22:44

  • Three fundamental points in key salvation for Bologna that, in the direct clash against Sampdoria, comes out victorious from Dall’Ara thanks to the brace of Marko Arnautovic. The rossoblu team takes advantage of the evening of grace of their center forward, very good at exploiting the descents to the left of a devilish Dijks, to put the Sampdoria team in serious difficulty.22:43

  • 90 ‘+ 3’

    THE MATCH ENDS: Bologna-Sampdoria 2-0.22:41

  • 90 ‘+ 3’

    Quagliarella moves the ball to the left and loads the conclusion: a poisonous left-handed prey in two halves by Skorupski.22:41

  • 90 ‘+ 1’

    OPPORTUNITY BOLOGNA! Yet another red and blue restart led by Samson. This time the playmaker serves Arnautovic to open up, but Colley makes an extraordinary recovery on the Austrian striker. Anticipation in the corner and a narrow escape.22:39

  • 90 ‘

    Dominguez manages the ball well near the flag. Insertion of Theate to help the Argentine and conclusion with the left: high ball over the crossbar.22:38

  • 87 ‘

    OPPORTUNITY BOLOGNA! Theate leaves the defensive line and sends Samson off the counter. The number 10 from Bologna enters the penalty area and, without serving either the defender or Arnautovic, goes to the conclusion: rejected to the sender.22:36

  • 83 ‘

    Vieira recovers the ball, putting the Rossoblu rearguard in difficulty. Open ball towards Quagliarella that goes towards the far post: Skorupski’s advance on the way out.22:31

  • 80 ‘

    SAMPDORIA REPLACEMENT: Murru exits, Augello enters.22:28

  • 80 ‘

    SAMPDORIA REPLACEMENT: Candreva exits, Ronaldo Vieira enters.22:28

  • 79 ‘

    Bologna takes advantage of the spaces granted by the Sampdoria defense. Sansone starts with the ball and serves Arnautovic with his heel: a goal neutralized by the guest rearguard.22:28

  • 78 ‘

    Quagliarella widens on the wing and puts an excellent ball in the middle for Thorsby’s insertion: header high over the crossbar.22:27

  • 76 ‘

    GOAL! BOLOGNA-Sampdoria 2-0! Arnautovic’s network. The rossoblu striker starts the offensive transition of Bologna, touching from the outside towards Dijks. Cross to the near post, Yoshida’s mistake in disengagement, and Arnautovic who closes with his right: double for the Austrian center forward.

    Look at the player’s profile Marko Arnautovic22:25

  • 75 ‘

    Arnautovic puts a cut ball inside the area for Samson’s insertion: Audero’s advance at the exit.22:23

  • 74 ‘

    BOLOGNA REPLACEMENT: Medel exits, Bonifazi enters.22:23

  • 71 ‘

    OPPORTUNITY BOLOGNA! Very fast restart of Bologna led by an imperious Medel. The Chilean comes out of the defense and serves Arnautovic who, by first intention, makes Samson fly into the open field. The rossoblu playmaker hits the crossbar alone in front of Audero.22:20

  • 70 ‘

    OPPORTUNITY BOLOGNA! Dijks put in a difficult cross for Arnautovic. The red-blue striker holds the ball with a spell and unloads a violent left that slams on the crossbar and comes back.22:18

  • 69 ‘

    Sansone comes out of the offside position and receives on the edge of the area. He turns with his right and tries the conclusion towards the far post: ball that ends up high over the crossbar.22:17

  • 68 ‘

    The newly entered Quagliarella immediately stands out. The Sampdoria striker turns and tries to kick his left from 20 meters: conclusion on the side.22:16

  • 67 ‘

    SAMPDORIA REPLACEMENT: Rincon exits, Quagliarella enters.22:15

  • 64 ‘

    Ball won by Sampdoria under pressure and restart led by Murru in the left lane. Cross brushed towards the center on Sensi who commits a foul in attack.22:13

  • 61 ‘

    GOAL! BOLOGNA-Sampdoria 1-0! Arnautovic’s network. Hickey puts an inviting ball at the far post for Dijks to insert on the left. The rossoblu winger puts his paw in the middle of a cross that Arnautovic just has to push inside. Advantage of Bologna at Dall’Ara.

    Look at the player’s profile Marko Arnautovic21:16

    Marko Arnautovic
  • 60 ‘

    BOLOGNA REPLACEMENT: Barrow exits, Samson enters.22:08

  • 60 ‘

    BOLOGNA REPLACEMENT: Aebischer exits, Dominguez enters.22:08

  • 60 ‘

    SAMPDORIA REPLACEMENT: Ferrari exits, Yoshida enters.22:08

  • 59 ‘

    SAMPDORIA ADMONITION: yellow card for Ferrari.22:13

  • 59 ‘

    Hickey frees up space when Soriano enters the right lane. Cross backwards by the rossoblu midfielder, deflected for a corner in a providential manner by the host defense.22:07

  • 57 ‘

    Audero’s courageous exit to the edge of the area which, however, frees Bologna’s offensive maneuver. Arnautovic opens for Dijks on the left, but his cross is deflected and he is once again prey to the Sampdoria goalkeeper.22:06

  • 55 ‘

    Despite possession of the ball, however, there is no verticalization for Sampdoria. Several times Giampaolo’s team arrives in the trocar zone, but without finding the right opening to find themselves in front of Skorupski.22:05

  • 52 ‘

    Start of recovery in favor of Sampdoria who, after leaving the locker room, seems to have clear ideas on how to put the Rossoblu team in difficulty.22:01

  • 49 ‘

    Sabiri does the lead for Sensi stationed inside the area. The Sampdoria playmaker falls to the ground, but for the referee Pairetto there are no extremes for a penalty kick.21:58

  • 47 ‘

    SAMPDORIA OPPORTUNITY! Sudden flash of Sampdoria that, on the launch of Audero in depth, has the possibility with Caputo to take the lead. The Sampdoria striker, however, is hypnotized by Skorupski on the way out.21:56

  • 46 ‘

    BOLOGNA REPLACEMENT: Svanberg exits, Soriano enters.21:55

  • 46 ‘

    THE SECOND HALF BEGINS: ball managed by Bologna.21:55

  • The first half at Dall’Ara ends with white nets. Bologna played a very intense fraction, building numerous scoring chances – in particular with the duo formed by Barrow and Arnautovic – without ever materializing. Sampdoria limited themselves to closing in behind, finding little space to serve Caputo only in depth, but they were good at remaining in the game after 45 ‘rather subdued.21:40

  • 45 ‘+ 3’

    THE FIRST HALF ENDS: Bologna-Sampdoria 0-0.21:37

  • 45 ‘

    3 minutes of recovery reported by the referee Pairetto in this first half.21:34

  • 41 ‘

    Proactive phase of Sampdoria which, after suffering for a good part of the time, tries to get out of distance with ball possession. Bologna that ‘breathes’ in defense at the end of the fraction.21:30

  • 39 ‘

    Murru’s cross on the trocar triggers an excellent offensive transition by Sampdoria. Bereszynski slips away in the right lane, being fouled and taking a good free kick.21:28

  • 38 ‘

    BOLOGNA ADMONITION: yellow card for Svanberg.21:28

  • 34 ‘

    Dijks recovers a precious ball on the trocar and launches Arnautovic at speed. The rossoblu striker fails to put in the middle, anticipated by Giampaolo’s rearguard.21:23

  • 30 ‘

    Very intense first half hour by Bologna which, at the moment, deserves something more from the point of view of the result. Sampdoria, on the other hand, has never made itself dangerous around Skorupski.21:20

  • 28 ‘

    OPPORTUNITY BOLOGNA! Hickey’s heel strike to start Bologna’s action at speed. The Scottish full-back closes the one-two with Svanberg and can kick in front of Audero with his right. Ball that ends up on the side from an excellent position.21:17

  • 27 ‘

    Barrow, on a corner kick, puts a cross on the far post to turn the Sampdoria defense. Theate takes the time but misses the door with a header.21:16

  • 26 ‘

    Arnautovic’s splendid feint on the left-hand side that leads him to fly into the left-hand lane. Cross at the far post for Barrow who can’t find the ball face to face with Audero.21:15

  • 22 ‘

    Apprehension about the health of the rossoblu central. The Bolognese bench even seems ready to change, as Medel is still sore on the ground despite the help of the doctors.21:13

  • 20 ‘

    Physical contrast in the middle of the field between Medel and Thorsby, with the Chilean player having the worst. Stopped game and Bologna health staff on the field at Dall’Ara.21:09

  • 18 ‘

    OPPORTUNITY BOLOGNA! Verticalization of Svanberg for Arnautovic who, at a touch, supports well for Barrow. The Gambian striker places his right over the crossbar from the edge.21:06

  • 15 ‘

    Barrow starts in speed, focusing on the right, opens it all up to Hickey to put a dangerous cross into the area. The Scotsman, however, uses his left-handed badly and Audero can go out to receive the ball with ease.21:04

  • 13 ‘

    Barrow always dangerous between the lines. Another verticalization towards Arnautovic who touches again in depth on Svanberg, anticipated at the last by the Sampdoria defense.21:02

  • 10 ‘

    SAMPDORIA ADMONITION: yellow card for Sabiri.20:58

  • 9 ‘

    OPPORTUNITY BOLOGNA! Barrowe verticalizes towards Arnautovic who, after a physical battle won against Ferrari, unloads the right at the near post. He instinctively parades with Audero’s feet to close the mirror.20:58

  • 7 ‘

    Bad mistake by Schouten in the middle of the field, on which Sabiri pounces for the counterattack. The Sampdoria playmaker even tries the goal from the midfield without finding the goal.20:56

  • 6 ‘

    A rather bland start to the match for Bologna which, at the moment, is limited to phrasing waiting for the Sampdoria pressure.20:54

  • 3 ‘

    Fanned by Murru for the insertion of Sabiri on the other side. Stop and unload towards Candreva who, from a tight angle, unloads the right that ends away from the goal mirror.20:51

  • 1 ‘

    THE MATCH BEGINS: first ball managed by Marco Giampaolo’s Sampdoria.20:49

  • This will be the 100th match between Bologna and Sampdoria in Serie A: so far 38 rossobl├╣ victories, 31 Sampdoria successes and 30 draws – however the last of these dates back to January 26, 2014 (1-1 signed by Gabbiadini and Diamanti) -. Bologna have won all of their last six Serie A matches against Sampdoria, always scoring at least two goals in each match of the set.20:32

  • In Sampdoria confirmed the 4-3-2-1 with two attacking midfielders, Sensi and Sabiri, behind the only striker Caputo. In front of Audero between the posts, a defensive line made up of Bereszynski, Ferrari, Colley and Murru. Candreva and Thorsby are the midfielder protecting Rincon in the control room.20:31

  • Bologna comes with Skorupksi in goal protected by Soumaoro, Medel and Theate in defense. Hickey and Dijks on the outside, while the midfield trio is formed by Aebischer, Schouten and Svanberg. The attacking couple made up of Arnautovic and Barrow confirmed. 20:30

  • SAMPDORIA LINE-UP (4-3-2-1): Audero; Bereszynski, Ferrari, Colley, Murru; Candreva, Rincon, Thorsby; Sensi, Sabiri; Caputo. Herdsman Giampaolo.20:29

  • TRAINING BOLOGNA (3-5-2): Skorupski; Soumaoro, Medel, Theate; Hickey, Aebischer, Svanberg, Schouten, Dijks; Arnautovic, Barrow. Herds Tanjga.20:28

  • The Bolognese team, led by Miroslav Tanjga for the moment experienced by Sinisa Mihajlovic, is fresh from the draw at San Siro against Milan, the result of an excellent defensive performance. Marco Giampaolo’s Ligurians have only won one match in the last 5, against Venezia al Penzo: in the last round they lost against Roma due to the goal scored by Mkhitaryan.20:28

  • Bologna hosts Sampdoria at Dall’Ara for a direct match in the key of salvation. Rossoblu and Sampdoria are not far behind in the standings: one is fourteenth, the other is sixteenth. Only 5 points behind: for this reason winning becomes fundamental.20:27

  • Good evening and welcome to the live report of the match between Bologna and Sampdoria, the last match valid for the 32nd matchday of Serie A.20:26

  • Where the game is played:

    Stadium: Renato Dall’Ara
    City: Bologna
    Capacity: 38279 spectators20:26

    Renato Dall'Ara
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