Bottas: The Alfa sensation never felt before. ‘Obsessed’ with F1, cycling not to think about it – 2022

Valtteri Bottaspilot ofAlfa Romeo, gave a long and interesting interview to microphones in which he addressed many topics. Among these, his passage to the Hinwill team, the positive start of the 2022 season, the relative expectations, his connection with Formula 1 and his passion for sport in general.

Below is an extract of the declarations.

Bottas: “A sensation never experienced before”

Here is an excerpt from what Valtteri Bottas told

On his transition from Mercedes to Alfa Romeo

“I had a feeling I’ve never experienced before. Yes, sure, I’ve had long-term contracts in the past, but every year there has been an option from the team. And it’s been the same with Mercedes and also with Williams. during the four years that I have had with them. But now, for the first time, I know exactly that the efforts made will have benefits for the following years. I don’t need to look only at the next six months or so, and I don’t have to worry of “Do I have a job or not?”. I can only concentrate on work. And that is motivating for me. I feel I deserve it at this point in my career. “

On the excellent debut race in Bahrain

“It was great. Getting both cars into the top 10 in our first race together (with Zhou, ed) was a great start. It gives a lot of courage and motivation that this project is real and that the goals we have set can be achieved. . Does Alfa have potential? Absolutely yes. And I felt it with the whole team as well. I feel like people are working harder than ever. That’s the feeling. Because we know that now he’s so close between teams, he’s still in the first days [della stagione] and if you can make progress, it will actually show immediate results. But you almost also have this fear of not wanting to go back. You want to always progress and that makes people work hard. It’s the same for me. It is a joy to commit, to try to progress with everything. I really feel like I’m in a good place now. “

On expectations for the rest of the season

“I expect a positive season for us as a team, but it will require a lot of work. I think it will be a very rewarding feeling to get the results we want. I think that feeling that comes with it will be the reward.”

On his relationship with F1

“Do some athletes think they are obsessed with their sport? I would say, in a way. I’m really enjoying myself. If I imagined life without Formula 1, it wouldn’t be quite the same. But in the end, I’m sure it will be pretty good when I’ll decide to leave. But for now, I’m pretty obsessed. “

About his passion for cycling

“It makes me feel alive. Sport is pushing yourself to the limit. You just need that adrenaline rush. I think this may be a bit of an addiction. But it’s also good for your head, doing something different that needs a different kind of concentration takes your mind off Formula 1. It works for me. “


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