Brocchi: “Despite the performance, we had six chances: we have to believe in it until the end.”

In the post-match of the match valid for the 33rd day of Serie B between LR Vicenza And Crotonewhich ended 1-1 amidst the resounding whistles of the red and white public, the Vicenza coach Cristian Brocchi made the following statements.

“Embarrassing because we all wanted a win, we all wanted it at all costs. We regret not being able to give gratification to our fans. It was a difficult game: if we are in this position it is because there are problems, we have gaps. If we had the strength to easily win all the games we would not be in this situation. Despite an uninspiring performance we had four scoring chances, it’s a shame because we never manage to win a game in an undeserved way, we always have to deserve it 100%. Crotone is not a team with trivial players, they are in a difficult position because they have had problems. They have quick, fast and technically good players in the offensive department. Paradoxically, we had more difficulties when there were ten of them left: they closed very well with two very narrow lines of four. Maric was able to handle the ball well and sort it towards their very fast and dangerous outside players. The direct clashes are played on the nerves, on the character, on all these aspects that affect a team that is trying to reach the goal with great difficulty. Six occasions for us, two of them: we didn’t have a good match and we were fearful. We had to move the ball more with the extra man instead of rushing to force play. We have forced many balls, making a mistake: someone got anxious. The character and emotional aspect affects a lot. It was easier to play for Crotone than for us: we had the weight of victory on our shoulders. It weighs not to have won today, because we could have overtaken our direct opponents and we will have a very difficult game against the best team in the league at the moment. I know the team, I know its strengths and weaknesses: we will continue to move forward to reach the goal which is very difficult but is still there. The curve? They expressed their feelings very clearly and explicitly: it was a question of respect for what they gave us in this championship. The situation is difficult for everyone, but we have to believe that at the end of the season we will make it. Where did I go wrong? The training choices are made according to who can give you something more, like Diaw who on the right side could give something more like against Alexandria. We put in two forwards and two outside who could bring numerical superiority: I did everything I could do. From Cruz? He’s not having a good time from a physical point of view, he wasn’t able to play. The physical condition? I think that the legs turn when he turns his head, in this moment we certainly play every game with a heavy weight and sometimes it affects from an athletic point of view. I think that when we go to evaluate the performance from a data point of view, the team is healthy. Does the team still believe it? We believed it when we were last, all the more so we believe it now that we have taken Alexandria. We must hold on and continue to believe in it: none of us thought of saving ourselves three days from the end, I was the first to say that we will save ourselves on the last day. We have to hold up, take the criticisms: I take them first for what I have said and what I will say, but we must continue to fight until the last second. Meggiorini from the first minute? In this period he is training continuously, but in the initial choices Teodorczyk gave me more guarantees that he did a lot of dirty work, while Meggiorini comes out when you have more ball possession and can assert the quality of him. The public’s intolerance for the team’s attitude? I’m in great difficulty… The public has been giving us an incredible hand all season. In other squares we will have experienced dramatic situations and we will not even be clinging to the playout wagon here, it is also thanks to their support. If like today they come at us because they expected a different match, that’s okay, because we wanted it too, but unfortunately we have limits that didn’t allow us to win. “

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