Calciomercato Palermo: Juventus, City Group moves and Brunori’s priority. Luperini …

Castagnini is already working on the transfer market, waiting for the transfer of the Palermo FC majority package to the City Football Group to be formalized and his contract renewed. The confirmations of Brunori and Luperini …

Between closing, renewals and transfer market. Hot days in the house Palermocharacterized by the anxious expectation for the formalization of the transfer of the majority package of the club’s shares to City Football Group and from the strategic and operational requirements related to the planning of the next competitive season. Although the sports director is waiting to contractually formalize the continuation of his relationship with the rosanero club Renzo Castagnini he is already at work in concert with the technician Silvio Baldini to define and strengthen the staff called to do well in the next championship of B series. The indications of the president Dario Mirri and the unanimous consensus of the square and the work team suggested to the management of the galaxycitizens, with in the head Brian Marwood, to start again from the cornerstones of the technical area and protagonists of the promotion in cadetry. Leave in sight, however, for Rinaldo Sagramola whose position at the helm of the company in management and administration will be occupied by Giovanni Gardini.

REBUS BRUNORI – The most valuable piece of the mosaic available to Silvio Baldini it is certainly Matthew Brunori. Twenty-nine goals and an exponential growth with the arrival of the Tuscan coach, especially in terms of participation in the development of the maneuver and specific weight in the weaving of the offensive plots. Good at opening spaces with his perpetual motion, skilled at playing on the bank, ferocious in devouring the depth, resolute and relentless in the finalization stage. Being able to show up at the starting line of the next championship of B series with the Italian-Brazilian bomber at the helm of the advanced department it would be a significant added value for the rosanero team.

An arduous undertaking, but not prohibitive for the Palermo FCespecially once the entry into theuniverseCity Group which would dramatically expand its economic solidity and future ambitions. At the moment the situation is quite clear even if it is constantly evolving.

There Juventus, owner of the 1994 class tag, she has the firm intention of monetizing the amazing vintage of the former Virtus Entella providing only for its definitive transfer. It starts from nearly five million of initial request but, with the right conditions, it can close at around four. Prolificacy and continuity of an attacker who has reached the height of his footballing maturity have aroused the attention of numerous clubs ready to invest a considerable sum to grab the player’s performances.

According to rumors collected by the editors of, Sampdoria, Salernitana and Cremonese, three clubs that would guarantee a Brunori the limelight of A league, they would do more than a poll with Juventus and the footballer’s entourage, as well as Cagliari, Perugia and Frosinone among the rivals of the Palermo in the next cadet tournament. Brunori he will be twenty-eight next November and the prospect of a double jump in the top flight does not leave him professionally indifferent. However, the symbiosis and alchemy, human and football, created with the rosanero environment, the coach Baldini and the management, the bond with teammates, the magical relationship with fans and cities are significant criteria in the evaluation process of the lad. Palermo and Palermo still have priority in Brunori’s mind and heart.

Should the conditions arise to find an agreement with the Juventus and a point of convergence in contractual terms, the class of 1994 would be happy to continue his story in Sicily and conquer A league right in the rosanero jersey. Castagnini maintains close contact with the entourage ofItalian-Brazilian and the parties are working towards this. In order for the operation to confirm Brunori take off in the rosanero house, you will have to pass the impasse formal and bureaucratic these days, up to the official start of the era in just over a week City Group and the renewal of the contract of Renzo Castagnini. If the ok of the holding for the acquisition of the card of Brunori on a definitive basis, it will then be necessary to strive for the extension of the attacker’s current contract with the Juventus (deadline 2024), working on the stipulation of a three-year or four-year (expiry 2026) with the company of Viale del Fante. A plausible scenario given the good relations between the parties and the convergent desire to continue the professional idyll. Holding on to the number of contenders will not be easy, but the hypothesis of a permanence of Brunori in rosanero it is as concrete today as ever.

LUPERINI – Market sirens also for Gregorio Luperini, protagonist of an exciting season and true tactical balance sheet in 4-2-3-1 from Baldini which characterized the triumphal path of Palermo between regular season and playoff. Seven goals and four winning assists, an infinity of kilometers covered on the green rectangle and one tide of balls recovered in high pressure on the offensive trocar. Fake attacking midfielder, half-winger shaped by Baldini as a spoiler in the heart of the offensive trident: stitching, pressure, sides and insertion times. Universal midfielder revitalized from an athletic and motivational point of view by the care Baldini. He too has received a lot of attention from a couple of B clubs and more. Also in the case of the former Trapani, there is the will to continue the path undertaken in a tactical and environmental context, which has enhanced its qualities and characteristics by relaunching its prices in a market key. Another hot topic for the rosanero ds will be to secure the confirmation of the class 1994 and lay the foundations for a draft negotiation with his entourage for the renewal of his contract currently expiring in June 2023.

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