Canottieri Tanaro Alessandria, starts tennis again with the masters Botrini and Moraschi

ALESSANDRIA – Last week the restart of the tennis activity at the club was made official Tanaro rowers of Alexandria. In the Club House Cesare and Nicolò Miraglia the masters presented Massimo Botrini and Maria Moraschi. The goal is bring back not only tennis fans but especially families.


The tennis instructors were “born” at Canottieri, here they had their first experiences and now they are ready for the new challenge, sure to succeed. “Let’s go back to basics: a personal choice, primarily a family one, because Canottieri is a place to live in. This is where we want to bring our children and we invite all the Alexandrians to think of the Canottieri as their place to arrive in the morning, have breakfast, take a swim in the pool or play tennis, have lunch, spend their evenings here, choosing it for them. meeting point. We are proud to have been chosen and let’s start immediately with organizing a “professional” summer center where the children will play tennis but also athletics, motor skills, swimming pool, hours of English immersed in nature. We will create that nursery that will give life to the tennis school that will take shape in September“.

Massimo and Maria will play at Canottieri what they have already successfully experienced in Ventimiglia, starting from 8 children to reach 80 in a short time. Meanwhile, they are already working on the tournament calendar. “The sports club is a place where children can grow up, pass on values. Perhaps everyone does not know at Canottieri the quotas are accessible to everyone: in Alessandria there is a well-kept place, one of the most beautiful that exists. Here a Ferrari is also made available to those who can afford a small car and this is fabulous to allow everyone to enjoy a place of leisure in which to feel at home “.


Before the flood, the Tanaro Rowing Club had 400 members, today they are 120 and almost all of them play tennis. The arrival of Massimo Botrini and Maria Moraschi will allow them and all those who want to register to have technical support that allows them to be in the right condition to play. Massimo Botrini was at the top of the regional tennis under category, before taking up the profession of teacher, while Maria Moraschi, daughter of Mario who spent all the days of his 66 at Canottieri is also a graduate in Food Science and Techniques and is an educator. food FIT, that extra something that is not lacking to perfect the new sporting offer of Canottieri Tanaro.

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