Casini, Serie A: ‘Priority to 2nd teams and youngsters. Liquidity index? Nobody in the balance. No to the playoffs’ | First page

The new president of Lega Serie A, Lorenzo Casinispoke at the press conference to comment on the Shareholders’ Meeting held today in Milan and in which all the companies took part through their representatives.

RACISM – “I thank Atalanta for the availability they gave for the specific case of the choirs against Koulibaly and Anguissa and for the identification work that is underway to identify the perpetrators. Serie A is committed against episodes of racism”.

NATIONAL – “It was a question of starting a discussion. Three points emerged. First: over the years Serie A has always worked and proposed reform initiatives also on the youth sector and second squads. There is already a series of proposals ready and that these proposals can be perfected, but above all listened to. Second: A permanent Serie A working group will be set up. Reforms will be proposed that go beyond Serie A. The theme is not the national team, but the whole system. The working group will work on the youth movement and on how young people are trained Third: The assembly has already declared its willingness to supply the players to the national team for the first days of November which were planned as preparation for the World Cup from 14 to 24 November for any internships or friendlies “.

FIFA WINDOWS – “There has been talk of reviewing the windows of the national teams and there is a need to evaluate the proposal from FIFA (World Cup every 2 years ed.) Which should not be accepted as it is but must be evaluated. There was also talk of the compensation issue “.

LIQUIDITY INDEX – “In this case the state of the art has been updated. On Friday there will be a technical meeting to understand the technicalities of the Federation’s requests. Lega Serie A asks that the required sustainability be done wisely and gradually. It must also be said that the period is complicated and even in Parliament there is still talk of shifting contributions. In any case, Serie A is committed to a gradual change, after all Uefa is also going in the same direction. ”

STATUTE – “We are in contact and the federal council on April 20 should be the date when everything is put in place.”

UKRAINE INITIATIVES – “The initiatives achieved the result of sending a message of peace. Imagine sung before Juve-Inter was blocked by the Russian broadcasters who stopped the audio signal. The Premier has decided to suspend the broadcast in Russia, the Ligue 1 too. We, the Bundesliga and La Liga are continuing to broadcast and what has emerged even when speaking with Ukrainian representatives is that it is not easy to make the right decision. Even broadcasting, but sending a strong signal of peace, is something that has an effect. . For now, the broadcast is considered instrumental for messages of peace. The initiatives will be strengthened, the League is also committed to direct donations for the Ukrainian population “.

WORKING GROUP – “It will be formed in the next few days, and tomorrow I will also have to understand what will happen with the Federation’s task force. The clubs will have to tell us who is interested in participating. Juventus is the only one, for example, to have activated the Under 23 team and they will have to give us their own experience. Also Sassuolo and Atalanta, or Empoli will have to provide us with their tools in experiences that have proved to be positive on investments in youth centers and training centers, Springs “.

RELATIONSHIP WITH FIGC – “The priority is top, because when Italian football wants to restart it will have to do it with all the active components. By arguing, nothing can be organized”.

INGOVERNABILITY – It is ungenerous to speak of ungovernability. It is not a “madhouse” as has been written these days. They are clubs that give joys to many fans and produce and invoice a lot. There are problems, the League with its 20 teams reproduces the most beautiful things and the strongest contradictions. From north-south dialectics to differences between rich and less rich properties, foreign and Italian properties, foreign management with Italian ownership and vice versa. It is not easy to govern, but we are moving forward. We are looking for topics on which there is already a stable common line and we are working on these issues “.

FUNDS – “I am not opposed to the entry of investment funds, but before letting them in we need a model to be pursued, otherwise we risk creating divisions. The media company? We are investing and moving forward. was 10, there 8%, there was already a difference on this and it should be remembered. Serie A, must love each other. First of all we have to understand what we want to do. Then if we want to be financed by a fund we can talk about it, but without knowing where you want to go is difficult “.

WORK – “I didn’t imagine my job like this. I wouldn’t talk about the difficulty rate, but working in an institution that works on an entire Italian population it is normal there are challenges that it is normal that they should be accepted. There is work to be done. , we all have to really commit ourselves to making things better. The National Team coaching syndrome “

STADIUMS – “We haven’t talked about stadiums, but it is a theme that is always present. We know what the age of Italian stadiums is. We need energy efficiency, sharing, accommodation, and communication. There is an enormous amount of work to be done, but the control room with the government is needed. Individual clubs alone cannot suffice. The stadium problem is national and not of a single team. Then someone has embarked on a virtuous path since we have 4 owned stadiums. The example of Imagine is clear, elsewhere perhaps we would not have succeeded “.

PLAYOFF – “There was no talk of the playoffs, introducing the playoffs brings a very heavy impact on interest in the regular season. Just understand what happens in the NBA ”

GROWTH DECREE – “He was not born for football, it must always be remembered. Football was able to benefit from it because it was part of this hypothesis given the high wages of the workers involved. It is obvious that it can have a positive effect on competitiveness, but if the consequence is that to excessively favor a contractualization of foreign players even at the youth level, still not good. I asked the presidents to give a position on the issue, so as to be able to make a synthesis. There can absolutely be corrections. The problem is abuse , not use. There is talk of reducing the number of contracts, adding a salary cap, but it is soon “.

LIQUIDITY INDEX – “I find it negative to assume that there are teams in difficulty. There has been no mention of the liquidity index. The working group must bring a serious proposal. The concept is to bring a serious project to Gravina, but obviously not astringent. We must graduate it. in a coherent and stringent way “.

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