Catania, M from the notary with 200 thousand euros now the Court will have to decide

Let’s start from the end of a chaotic day that did not bring anything new for the sale of the Catania business unit. At 7 pm Mr M, from Rome, on his initiative, went to the notary Grasso in the Giarre office, depositing two checks for a total of 200 thousand euros as security for the operation to take over the rossazzurra company. Now we await the opinion of the curators and the decision of the Court given that to take over the sports business branch another 175 thousand are needed even if the entrepreneur claims to have already sent a transfer at the end of March of 375 thousand euros. Mr. M returned to Rome after leaving the notary’s office but next Thursday he could return to Catania.

THE FACTS OF TODAY – The whole Etna sporting environment is in apnea and is waiting to know the decision of the Etna Court on the issue of the sale of the Catania Calcio company branch. A press release signed by the president, dott. Francesco Mannino could arrive in the afternoon or tonight. Meanwhile, it seems that the entrepreneur M could land in Catania in the evening between 18/19, but it is not yet clear whether he will go to the notary Andrea Grasso with cashier’s checks to sign the deed at 20 and take over the company branch of the Catania Football. The first appointment with the notary was skipped as reported in last night’s press release: With pec dated 01/04/2022, duly received, the college of bankruptcy trustees of Calcio Catania SpA once again summoned the company FC Catania 1946 srl at 20.00 today Monday 4 April 2022 at the office of the notary Andrea Grasso in via Milan, in Catania, for the stipulation of the deed of sale of the football company branch, after or at the same time payment of the balance of the price (375,000 euros). Given the non-presentation before the notary of the legal representative of the company FC Catania 1946 srl Benedetto Mancini or other subjects delegated by these, and also given the failure to pay the balance price, the college of bankruptcy trustees of Calcio Catania SpA will report to the Court of Catania for the determinations of competence.

RISKS – In the event that the successful bidder does not proceed with the payment of the price (375 thousand euros), the execution judge with a decree could declare the forfeiture and consequent loss of the deposit of 125 thousand euros. The decree declaring the forfeiture of the successful tenderer can be challenged by the same with the opposition to the executive deeds. If the Roman entrepreneur does not pay the 375 thousand euros and therefore does not sign the deed, he could create financial damage to the creditors of the bankrupt Catania and this could then also lead to consequences of a criminal nature. After all, the provisional exercise was extended until April 19 precisely because the curatorship relied on the balance of the price (375 thousand euros) and therefore on the correct conclusion of the transaction within the established terms.

DAMAGES ONLY – By not signing the deed, the Roman entrepreneur could cause the court to further spending commitments that could become not easily sustainable and this could create a patrimonial damage that would then have to be paid to the Lazio entrepreneur. The court could also decide to rehabilitate M if he shows up with cashier’s checks and give an explanation to the trustees so important as to justify the impediment and get a remittance in time to complete the procedure tonight from the notary. Of course, the Court could also decide to interrupt the provisional exercise and bring down the curtain or allow the team to go on with the sporting activity with the resources available in cash. The vertices dell’Assocalciatori, to confirmed that the team will not be able to finish the championship without provisional exercise or acquisition of a business unit. The players, however, will not put the club in default, but will go ahead according to the decisions of the Court. Moreover, if the activity ceases, all the players will be released.

20.39 – M has left for Rome and will perhaps return on Thursday

20.00 – M is at the notary’s office with checks for an amount of 200 thousand euros but not 375 thousand euros

19.11 – Mr M is in Catania and is on his way to the notary

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