Catania, the hidden truths of Mr. M but the mask is made of wax

Mr. M left Catania this morning. The Court on the deed affair could take a clear position in the next few hours

The story of the sale of the sports branch of Calcio Catania has turned into a real comedy which is making all of Italy laugh. In truth, there is little to joke about a story of particular social interest that keeps the whole Catania sporting anxious.

DOUBTS – Rivers of words from Benedetto Mancini in recent days under the office of the notary Andrea Grasso, and then a flurry of press releases published yesterday on the Facebook page of FC Catania 1946 to justify the failure to sign the deed. “He hasn’t paid even one euro”; “sureties not considered valid”; “anti-money laundering checks in progress on the transfer of 375 thousand euros from a foreign bank”; “inappropriate presences in Torre del Grifo” and so on. The Catania square is divided and no longer knows who to believe after having taken note of Mancini’s words and of what the press reports. Mancini tried to clarify, but in the two notes released yesterday, instead of clearing the fog on the Catania affair, he confused everyone’s ideas on the deed even more.

THE TWO NOTES – “Today we have forwarded a formal communication to the bankruptcy trustees of Calcio Catania – assured Mancini – specifying that the problems that emerged last Tuesday are in the process of being resolved. We confirmed the professional, organizational and economic commitment in the same terms in which it was guaranteed in the appropriate locations. With respect and trust, ensuring the support requested during the provisional exercise, we will await the communication of the date set by the curatorship, which will be able to carry out the checks in the next few days, for the deed “. In the evening, then, a second note on social media. “In the late afternoon today – writes Mancini – I met the bankruptcy trustees of Calcio Catania, following up on the communication sent in the morning. The cordial and fruitful dialogue allowed the curatorship to acquire the latest elements to be transmitted to the Court to allow the completion of the checks in progress and, consequently, to set the date for the notarial deed that will allow the company FC Catania 1946 to acquire the football branch of the Calcio Catania company. With this brief note, I simply intend to inform the fans and the press, further confirming my total commitment and my unchanged confidence in the success of the operation “.

HIDDEN TRUTH – Then let’s clarify everything that happened. Mancini paid the € 125,000 deposit. This is certain. There are those who claim that part of this money belongs to some Sigi partners, but it is only a hypothesis. To stipulate the deed, the 375 thousand euros that Mancini must pay to the curatorship are missing to obtain the sports branch of Calcio Catania. It is absolutely not true that this sum has been blocked due to ongoing anti-money laundering checks on the transfer which, on the other hand, we do not know has ever been made. The hidden truth is that Mancini did not pay one euro of these 375 thousand and the curators got so impatient that they wanted to let the curtain fall already in the middle of the week.

MANY GREETINGS – Mancini in the meantime has left Catania after having been for a few days in Torre del Grifo with 4 collaborators (and not 11). He is already in Rome and if and when he will return to the Etna capital with the 375 thousand euros for the signing of the deed, no one is able to know. It certainly sounds strange that the sum is not available since the Roman businessman should have had it ready following the increase in the share capital of his FC Catania 1946. It is therefore not clear whether this money was paid into his company. But this is another hidden truth. What happened in the meantime? The very tough position of the FIGC which told Mancini that the guarantees for the sports debt and for the one up to 30 June for members, must be at first request either from a bank or a primary insurance company, which blew the bank. Italian (not Bulgarian) to be presented immediately and not in June. Without these sureties, Catania’s sporting title will remain in the offices of via Allegri in Rome, headquarters of the FIGC. This is another hidden truth.

COURT – Confusion, doubts and bewilderment therefore in Catania while the rossazzurri fans are impatient and live in apnea. Many of them are waiting for an intervention by the bankruptcy trustee that will clarify and remove some doubts given that in the last 24 hours, these have multiplied. And the response of the Etna court could arrive soon. Indeed very soon. Probably a few days will be granted to Mancini but then the curtain falls.

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