Champions League: Trento-Perugia 2-3. At the Golden set pass Michieletto and c. 17-15

Champions League Semi-final return
TRENTINO ITAS – SIR SICOMA MONINI PERUGIA 2-3 (25-21, 21-25, 25-16, 20-25, 13-15) – Golden Set 17-15 – The scores
Trentino Itas: Kaziyski 11, D’Heer 0, Michieletto 25, Sbertoli 3, Cavuto 1, Pinali 2, Lavia 19, Zenger (L), Podrascanin 10, Lisinac 10. NE Albergati, Sperotto, De Angelis. Herds Lorenzetti.
Sir Sicoma Monini Perugia: Anderson 23, Ricci 4, Travica 0, Giannelli 2, Rychlicki 17, Leon Venero 24, Piccinelli 0, Sole ‘9, Colaci (L), Plotnytskyi 0, Mengozzi 6. NE Dardzans, Ter Horst, Russo. Herds Grbic.
REFEREES: Cambré, Cesare.
NOTES – set duration: 27 ‘, 27’, 24 ‘, 28’, 17 ‘; tot: 123 ′.

TRENTO – At the end of an intense match thanks to the play of both semifinalists, Trento has centered the access to its sixth Champions League final (3 wins), the second consecutive after the Superfinals in Verona. And just like a year ago it will still be a challenge against the Zaksa Poles.

SEXTETS – Trento with the typical sextet with Sbertoli in the direction, Lavia opposite, Kaziyski and Michieletto diagonally, Podrascanin and Lisinac in 3, Zenger free. Perugia with. Giannelli – Rychlicki, Anderson – Leon, Solé – Mengozzi and Colaci free.

THE MATCH – The first point of the match is Leon’s mistake, long attack. Solé blocks Kaziyski for 2-3 and then Matey himself gives the break with a diagonal out: 2-4. Perugia defends with Colaci and Anderson important opportunities for Trento to impact, then with a three-way wall on Michieletto both leads to the plus +3 (10-13) which forces Lorenzetti to time out. So far the service of the hosts has been struggling.
Paradoxically, after a quiet start from 9 meters, that’s when he goes to serve Michielettofor its third rotation, which Trento impacts: 15-15. First he counterattacks, then favors a reconstruction of Sbertoli with Lisinac then ace over Colaci.
Kaziyski brush two balls: 18-18. Piccinelli enters into rice for Leon: but Trento’s first advantage arrives with the ball on Anderson’s shaft in one of the rare Perugian mistakes: 19-18.
Kaziyski’s service is online after Grbic’s time out. Plotnytskyi in the service, pound.
D’Heer enters through the wall but Giannelli sends Anderson without a wall. Sbertoli in the service puts Anderson in difficulty, a three-way block on Rychlicki with Lisinac putting his big hands on the ball, is +2 Trento: 22-20. Mengozzi in the center: 22-21. Trento builds on Lavia: 23-21. Again Lisinac on the wall on Leon then ace from Michieletto on Colaci: 25-21.

Set in balance until an error in Kaziyski’s service and Lavia’s attack out, without touching the Perugian wall: 6-9 Sir. Leon hits the serve and gets points and builds counterattack opportunities, Zenger struggles for 6-10. S.ul 9-11 Lorenzetti spends the second challenge for an alleged beaten by Sbertoli in the service which, however, is not there. Leon, however, is equally generous: attack out: 11-12. Rychlicki solves in reconstruction: 11-14. The set slips away with a Trento that accuses the good moment of the Sir in reception. Series of errors from Trentino and against the wall and Umbrian attack that run at high speed. Anderson places a postman’s ball between the newly entered D’Heer and the net: 15-20. There is just time to see how Kaziyski he fixes a pipe that is wrong in time with a balance wheel from another century … Anderson, however, immediately replies. The last leap from Trentino comes from Podrascanin who blocks Anderson (21-24) after a powerful turn by Kaziyski. Piccinelli enters next to Colaci, but it is not needed, the Bulgarian puts her on the net: 21-25. Too many 11 errors by Trento, 8 from 9 meters.

Trento puts Perugia in the crosshairs of the wall: 2 immediately arrive, with Michieletto beating like a blacksmith. Then Leon, to avoid it, raises the blow but does not find the touch: 4-0. Grbic stops the avalanche principle with the time out. Trento, however, manages to keep alive the large advantage gained at the beginning of the set then with Kaziyski in counterattack and an ace from Sbertoli comes a heavy +6: 11-5. Michieletto’s wall on Leon triggers the whole BLM Group Arena in Trentino: 12-6. Grbic shuffles the cards and inserts Ricci for Mengozzi.
Podrascanin super wall, Grbic makes Leon and Solé breathe in the second line lap (17-12), Michieletto signs the 18-13. Lavia emulates it from 4 in narrow diagonal: 20-15. Kaziyski plays with the Perugia three-way wall and finds a tight corner: 21-15. Michieletto hits the series service on Leon, Lisinac’s consequential block on Leon: 22-15. Leon and Rychlicki hit out: 23-15, 24-15. We think about the 4th set first set which is worth the qualification for Trento. This ends Kaziyski: 25-16. Trento flies with 89% in attack and 5 blocks, while Perugia accuses 11 errors.
At 22 Trento is one set from the next round, Perugia must win 2 sets plus the Golden Set for the Superfinals.

Fourth set, still balance. It is an open-faced match with the hosts who do not feel any awe: 4-4. Anderson (extraordinary set) signs the +2 5-7. The wall of Michieletto to one on Leon slows down the Umbrian impetus: 7-8. Lavia immediately replies to one Rychlicki (8-8). Kaziyski he goes out with a pain in his right knee, Cavuto enter and sign on 9-9. Time out Trento to regain clarity and give Kaziyski time: 9-11. Umbrian errors, 11-11, then a new one-two with Solé and ace from Leon on Cavuto: 11-13. Matey on the bench with ice on his knee. Perugia instead begins to grind the game and find ace: 14-19 direct point from Anderson. Pinali enters for Lavia at 15-19, Leon overcomes Lisinac’s wall: 15-20, an eye on the tie break is a must. 19-22: Leon hits Lorenzetti in service, Zingel does not hold a golden defense … The set belongs to Sir, deservedly. Trento at 35% in attack.

Tie break. Trento restarts with Pinali opposite to, Street And Michieletto in 4. Kaziyski on the bench with ice on his knee. An ace from Podrascanin and a block on Leon by the Sbertoli-Lisinac duo bring Trento 3-2 forward. But it is a sign that the set must be balanced: Lavia signs the 8-7 which leads to the change of field. Michieletto brushes in the corner on 10-9, Leon signs the hands out of 10-10. Plotnytskyi enters the service: Lisinac walls Leon who is then consoled by Grbic (11-10). The Caribbean still beats diagonally: 11-11. The turning point in the error of Lavia who places a lob from the second line on the net: 11-12. Follows the wall of Solé on Pinali that goes out for Cavuto: 11-13. Leon signs the partial final: 12-14 with a placed ball. Lavia cancels the first match ball for the Umbrians: 13-14. Lisinac puts it on the net. Perugia wins, serves the golden set.

GOLDEN SET – One-two Trento at the start with Pinali holder and the diagonal Lavia-Michieletto. For Perugia there is Ricci who immediately walls Pinali. Lisinac: 3-1 in the center. Sbertoli out from nine meters: 3-2. Michieletto breaks through the Umbrian wall, nothing can be done by a heroic Anderson in defense: 4-2. Lisinac walls Rychlicki: 5-2, Leon shoots out: 6-2. Michieletto’s serve is worth Lavia’s counterattack: 7-2 and Grbic’s second time out after that of 5-2. Ace Michieletto: 8-2. He comes out of nine meters with the 8-3 error. Ace from Leon on Lavia: 8-4. Time out Trento. Anderson takes out 10-5 after Pinali on the wall made a good guard. It is Trentino’s triumph to capitalize on Perugia’s mistakes: 11-6. Perugia does not give up: 12-10 with 2 consecutive counterattacks by Leon. Sbertoli makes a spell with Lisinac (13-10), then Leon holes in the ball between Michieletto’s wall and the net: 13-11. Pasticcio in rice by Lavia and Michieletto on Rychlicki, Giannelli thanks: 13-12. Lisinac finds the 14-12 with an attack in the three meters. Michieletto shoots out the serve of the first match ball: 14-13. Leon a lightning bolt from 9 meters: 14-14 on Lavia. Out the second service: 15-14. Sperotto enters the service: online, 15-15. Second match ball in the archive. Pinali, supports 16-15 and goes to the service: Rychlicki attacks out, 17-15.

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