Champions League: Trento wins a dream 2-3 derby in Perugia. Michieletto 26 points and MVP

Sir Sicoma Monini Perugia – Trentino Itas 2-3 (23-25, 25-19, 23-25, 30-28, 12-15) – statistics
Sir Sicoma Monini Perugia: Anderson 15, Ricci 0, Giannelli 3, Rychlicki 25, Leon Venero 29, Sole ’10, Colaci (L), Plotnytskyi 1, Mengozzi 5. NE Dardzans, Travica, Ter Horst, Piccinelli, Russo. Herds Grbic.
Trentino Itas: Kaziyski 25, D’Heer 1, Michieletto 26, Sbertoli 2, Cavuto 1, Pinali 7, Lavia 4, Zenger (L), Podrascanin 7, Lisinac 12. NE Albergati, Sperotto, De Angelis. Herds Lorenzetti.
REFEREES: Fernandez Fuentes, Puecher.
NOTES – set duration: 33 ‘, 28’, 34 ‘, 36’, 19 ‘; tot: 150 ′.
MVP: Michieletto.

PERUGIA –The first round towards the Super Finals in Ljubljana goes to Trentino Itas, who conquer the PalaBarton at the end of a dream derby with Sir Sicoma Monini Perugia; 2 hours and 26 minutes of emotions, in a marathon worthy of a Champions League semi-final. Extremely long exchanges and spectacular defenses have enhanced the 2340 of the Pian di Massiano facility, to frame the fourth set. Lorenzetti’s team, while landing one ball less than the Block Devils (113 to 112), found the winning solutions in the most important moments, deserving the victory with a leading tie-break. On the shields Alessandro Michieletto, who grew up at a distance and was decisive in the third set; Leon’s 29 points are not enough for Sir. On Thursday 7 April at the BLM Group Arena the second act, with the hope that it will once again be a spot of this level for Italian volleyball.

MORE AND LESS – Perugia does slightly better than Trento in attack (50% to 49%), blocking (11 to 10) and aces (9 to 6), with Leon top-scorer (4 aces, 5 blocks) but also the author of many errors (41%); however, it is not enough to overcome Trento, who in addition to a super Michieletto (26 points, 51%) can also count on Kaziysky on the ball, author of 25 centers, like Ricklicky (excellent 67%). Four walls for Podrascanin (only two points in attack), one more than Giannelli; fluctuating performance for Anderson (15 points, 47%).

THE KEY –Terrific third set for Alessandro Michieletto, who made the difference by giving a decisive push to the match: 10 hits (1 block) with 75% in attack and an extraordinary charge transmitted to his teammates, scoring all the decisive points of the fraction.

SEXTETS – Grbic relies on diagonal Giannelli-Rychlicki in place two, Mengozzi and Solé in the middle, Leon and Anderson in the band and Colaci to lead the second line. Lorenzetti responds with Sbertoli in the direction and Pinali opposite, Podrascanin-Lisinac in the center, Michieletto and Kaziyski to crush and receive, Zenger free.

THE MATCHAt the start, Trento pushes to serve with Pinali (3-4) and Kaziyski (4-6); Sir responds with the block, hitting Mengozzi (6-6) and putting the arrow thanks to Leon and Solé (13-10). The two teams are equal in attack (43% to 44%), Lavia takes over from Pinali (17-16) giving new life to him, who hit Lisinac’s block after a very long exchange (17-17). Michieletto overtakes from nine meters (19-20) and Lavia (3 points, 60%) gives him the maximum advantage (19-22); inertia seems defined, but Colaci’s defenses and Rychlicki’s two aces (6 centers, like Leon) impact again (23-23); everything is decided in a sprint, and it is a wall of the former Podrascanin to order the change of field.

Long blow in response to the second half (10-10), Rychlicki confirms himself on-fire and puts another six (62%) pushing his teammates to the length (17-13); on the other hand, Michieletto does not pass (2 points, 18%) and the weight of the attack is almost entirely on Kaziyski (5 hits, 71%). Sir does not tremble, Plotnytskyi enters and rejoices from the nine meters spreading the scissor (21-15); no surprises at the end, Solé on the serve equalized the score.

Trento restarts strong with Kaziyski’s ace (3-6), Sir immediately mends with a super Rychlicki (9 points, 82%), but fails to escape (14-12); Michieletto is a fury, the game is beautiful and Lisinac’s first half has an impact (17-17). Anderson (38%) and Leon (29%) don’t make it, but Kaziyski is also in the mood for gifts (30%) and Perugia thanks (22-20); Trento does not break down and raises his head (22-23), with an irrepressible Michieletto, who first earns the set point (23-24), and then turns it into gold, stopping Leon on the wall.

Itas starts again with a thousand (2-5) Grbic throws Ricci into the fray for Mengozzi, Leon rises to the chair (12 centers) and first impacts from place four in a fall (10-10), then puts three aces in a row for overtaking ( 14-12); Podrascanin also makes himself felt from nine meters (14-14) giving way to a long push and pull up to the final rush (23-23). We go to the advantages with a skyrocketing tension, with Perugia having the ball six times; it is Leon who closes, once again bending the reception of the Dolomites to serve.

Kaziyski’s hands-off opens the tie-break (0-1); Itas has more and progressively increases the gap with Michieletto (6-8), Kaziyski (7-10) and the Podrascanin wall (8-12); Anderson cancels the first match point, the mistake in the service of the substitute Plotnytskyi makes the credits roll.

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