Chelsea-Real Madrid 1-3, the report cards: Benzema from the Golden Ball. Lukaku foreign body

CHELSEA-REAL MADRID 1-3 – 21 ‘, 23’ and 46 ‘Benzema, 40’ Havertz

CHELSEA (report cards by Andrea Piras)
Mendy 4 – He has to bow in front of Benzema’s two horns. He has Benzema’s 3-1 on his back when he messes at the beginning of the second half by mistaking the horizontal passage towards Rudiger. A mistake does not affect the career of one of the strongest goalkeepers on the European scene but remains a stain that can be costly.
Christensen 4.5 – That it will be a difficult evening for him can already be seen on the occasion of the Vinicius cross when he slips before the conclusion of the Brazilian. Stripped by his direct opponent in the 1-0, he is also guilty of the doubling of Benzema. From 46 ‘Kovacic 6 – Always in the midst of building his team. He stands out for good tip tips.
Thiago Silva 5 – Real Madrid’s attack makes him dance often. Responsible Cut off by Benzema in the goal of Real Madrid’s advantage. Late on the French in the 2-0.
Rudiger 4 – A yellow card in the first nineteen minutes reflects a match in constant difficulty. Late closing on Benzema on the occasion of the advantage of Real, always late on Valverde. At 3-1 it is true that Mendy’s pass is wrong but he goes too soft with the left-handed to counter Benzema instead of using the right and above all greater decision.
James 6.5 – Warm up Courtois’ gloves with a nice free kick. Try to help Christensen in doubling over Vinicius and in attack he is the only one who tries to turn on the light even in the most difficult moment. He deserves the goal for the performance.
Kanté 6 – Approach the match with the usual fighting spirit by chasing the Real Madrid ball carrier and recovering a good dose of balls while also helping the defense. From 46 ‘Ziyech 5.5 – Enter to give fluidity to the attack. He shows up with some good bucks but also a few too many mistakes in the dribble phase.
Jorginho 6 – Try to build the ball maneuver on the ground but very often horizontally. The assist for Havertz’s header was simply delightful and reopened the match. From 64 ‘Loftus-Cheek 6 – It is positioned in the middle of the field giving freshness to the maneuver and often looking for the suggestion towards the tips.
Azpilicueta 5.5 – Tuchel the outside lineup to the full left and for a right it is never easy. Forced to always return on the right foot to go to the cross, on his side he does not help the defense on Valverde’s bucks. In the second half, however, he calls Courtois to a miracle with a conclusion from the distance addressed under the intersection.
Mount 6 – Tuchel sets him up behind Havertz and after just ten seconds overtakes Ferland Mendy and puts a ball aimed towards the center. He is the first defender of his team going to growl at the ankles of his opponents. In the second half he touches the goal with a nice shot around.
Pulisic 5 – A decidedly shadowy match for Chelsea’s number 10 who is caught in the grip of Real Madrid’s defense. There are few occasions in which it is noticed inside the penalty area. From 64 ‘Lukaku 5 – Always a foreign body to this Chelsea but the two occasions, the second sensational, which he devours by putting on the bottom from an excellent position.
Havertz 6.5 – He often exchanges positions with Mount and Pulisic, not giving reference points to the defense of Real Madrid. He unwraps Jorginho’s chocolate by folding his hands in Courtois and getting his team back on track.
Trainer Thomas Tuchel 5 – The initial choices leave something to be desired, especially that of putting Christensen on Vinicius. In the second half he inserts Kovacic and Ziyech to give more contribution to the attacking phase but his plans are upset by Mendy’s error together with Rudiger.

REAL MADRID (report cards by Gaetano Mocciaro)

Courtois 6.5 – Caught by his former fans, the Belgian has little ability on Havertz’s well-angled frame, but in the second half he finds his moment of glory by removing a great blow from Azpilicueta from the seven.
Carvajal 6 – The only flaw in having lost Havertz on the occasion of the goal that reopens the game. For the rest, the usual proof of quality enhanced by some lunges in attack.
Militão 6 – He messes up in the first few minutes, goes into tackle on Havertz to put a patch on it. It grows at a distance, gets hurt and grits its teeth, then has to give up. Warned, he will miss the return leg due to disqualification. From 66 ‘ Nacho 6 – He manages the last part of the game well.
Alaba 6.5 – Join the Champions League “centenarians” club and you can see all his craft. He walls Havertz after a few minutes, he is never surprised.
Mendy 6 – He pushes a lot, he stands out in the overlaps, conceding something in the defensive phase.
Casemiro 7 – A dam to protect the defense, the contrasts are all yours. Giant as always.
Kroos 6.5 – Even not at its best is a certainty of the midfield, a percentage of successful passes, short or long, almost perfect. It is also fundamental in countering the opponent’s maneuver. From 74 ‘ Camavinga sv
Modrić 7 – He lights up in the rain and doesn’t need to run too much, if he directs the ball like he knows. He scoops for Benzema in the 0-2 action, almost puts Carvajal in front of the goal.
Valverde 6.5 – Right winger is a role he played in, but it’s not his natural one. However, he stands out for his great dynamism, for the work between the lines and for some interesting suggestions.
Benzema 9 – A few days ago he declared that he was aiming for the Golden Ball. And he is right to hope for it: he demolishes Chelsea in 3 ‘with two spectacular goals. Total attacker, who participates in the construction of the game. Genius play, class and power. He is a Champions animal: between PSG and Chelsea he scores 6 goals in 76 minutes. Only Cristiano Ronaldo in Champions League history had scored two consecutive hat-tricks in the knockout stage.
Vinicius 7 – A splinter that keeps the opposing defense in constant apprehension, despite the rain weighing it down. In the first few minutes he finds the crossbar, he is forgiven with an assist to the kiss for Benzema.
Trainer Carlo Ancelotti 7 – He recovers just in time to sit on the bench in what has been his stadium for two years. Send in trouble i blues with Vinicius’ speed, take advantage of Benzema’s aerial play skills, organize the defensive phase well. The semifinal is one step away.


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