closes the NFT game of Formula 1

First proof of the facts for chat NFT technology, and the results are not good: providing the test is F1 Delta Time.

One of the first video games to attempt the path of NFT, the non-fungible tokens of which there is a lot of talk in recent times, has been officially closed, raising doubts about the supposed futureability of the technology. The game in question is F1 Delta Time, launched in 2019 and one of the first (and one of the few) licensed NFT games at the time. The closure was announced on March 15, but the low popularity of the project and the developer meant that it was only noticed in these hours.

Farewell F1 Delta Time –

Animoca Brands’ F1 Delta Time was based on the Ethereum cryptocurrency, which players could convert into Animoca’s REVV tokens, to be used to purchase and trade in-game NFT items – cars, drivers and so on. The game remained obscure for much of its life cycle in the gaming enthusiast community, but in the meantime it legitimized the idea of ​​integrating NFTs and the concept of play-to-earn (which other titles claim to want to use in the future). in video games. And, after all, his did it: the Animoca project was responsible for the most important sale of NFT in 2019, when a diamond-encrusted car, the 1-1-1, was placed for an Ethereum equivalent of over $ 100,000.

The litmus test for NFTs –

The reason behind the closure is not so much the low popularity of F1 Delta Time among gamers, but rather the loss of the Formula 1 license. “We were unable to renew our license,” they have explained by the development team, without providing further details, other than the scheduled closure for March 16. But what happens now to the NFTs obtained with the game and in the game? Contrary to one of the premises of the NFT, namely that they would have been objects of their own property that could be used regardless of the video game from which they originated, now they no longer have any use in themselves – they no longer exist, as reported by PCGamer. However, the developers are trying to replace them with other tokens belonging to the other blockchain-based Animoca machine games: players will be reimbursed with replacement cars, a Race Pass or “Proxy Assets” that “will be used in the future to obtain NFTs for products in the ‘ecosystem of REVV Motorsport ”, exactly as it would have happened with any other digital item before the advent of this technology.

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