CMIT TV | Juve, the announcement on the farewell: “He has already communicated it to the club”

Great market maneuvers for both Juventus and Inter

In a transfer market window that will hardly reserve us barrels of other times, either Inter that Juventus they are observing the possible market opportunities that could gradually arise. Both clubs are therefore keeping an eye on the situation regarding the Chelsea, in view of a possible earthquake within their own squad.

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For this reason, a great Premier League expert like Lorenzo spoke live on CMIT TV in the afternoon Amuso, with which we immediately addressed the issue Lukaku, once again disappointing minutes played yesterday against real Madrid in the final part of the match: “If Chelsea want to dump him? It seems so, and Lukaku would gladly leave. It is now a relationship between separated at home and they proved it yesterday as well. Once he entered once again he was unable to score by missing a rather sensational goal. The relationship with Tuchel is at an all-time low, I see no room for a rapprochement. Surely Chelsea and the footballer would not oppose a divorce at the end of the season, but there is to make ends meet. Chelsea have made a very important investment for him, we need to know how we will try to make ends meet. The transfer of ownership should take place in the next few weeks, at which point the Lukaku issue should also have a shake ”.

A jolt caused in recent months by the feeling never taken between Lukaku and Thomas Tuchel: “A strange situation also because Lukaku’s arrival was supported by Tuchel who asked for a heavy center forward who could bring many goals. Tuchel expected a player with 15-20 goals per season, who could complete his orchestra. Then there were physical problems that slowed Lukaku’s inclusion in a team that had just won the Champions League. And then the Chelsea game system, which has always been based on a collective maneuver, the inclusion of midfielders and winger, a game that did not enhance Lukaku’s characteristics. These were the two main problems, in addition we can mention the psychological aspect. Already in the past Lukaku had suffered in locker rooms where his leadership clashed with other important players, this year we are seeing what we already saw at the time of Manchester United “.

Juventus transfer market, Rudiger hit: “Very high probability”

CMIT TV |  Juve, the announcement on the farewell of Rudiger: "He has already communicated this to the club"
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He is not the only Romelu Lukaku to have been associated in recent days with Italian clubs. There is also another striker like Werner that al Chelsea he is not doing particularly well and could become an opportunity for the Italian championship, as admitted by Amuso: “Werner is playing less than expected. I don’t know if there are reasons for personal clashes with the coach, but in Tuchel’s hierarchy he is at the lowest and this feeds the rumors. I believe that as far as the Chelsea market is concerned, regardless of the activism of the prosecutors, we will have to wait at least a few weeks, we do not yet know who will be the owner of the Blues and what investments he will be willing to make. Only at that point will we have a clearer idea, even Tuchel’s position is not so sure, it will depend on who takes over from Abramovich. Any forecast is really risky right now ”.

The great name for the Italian market remains those of Rudiger, ever closer to the interest of Juventus: “In the case of Rudiger it is different, he has already given elements to imagine that he will not tie his future to Chelsea, it seems that he wants to leave. We saw Azpilicueta, in his contract there was a rule that allowed his automatic renewal and he chose to enforce this rule and renewed with Chelsea. Rudiger does not seem that he has the same intention, but that he wants to change the air and here too the rumors gathered in the British media push him towards a return to Serie A, in all probability with the Juventus shirt “.

Bianconeri and at home Chelsea, as explained by Lorenzo Amuso, they have also looked at Jorginho for some time: “There are no updates, the player is only thinking about this season. What he had to say he had already expressed it towards December / January, admitting that he did not disdain a return to Italy. The intention of the player seems obvious, it will be necessary to understand if the clubs will agree on the evaluation of the player himself “.

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