condemned the former president, crazy expenses, ghost company, 40 thousand euros disappeared-

Of Marco Bonarrigo

Former president Lucio Felicita sentenced to 8 years in first instance: 147 thousand euros in travel and rent of beach houses. For the successor Bittner a shower of complaints: 40 thousand euros collected and never paid. Found 7 thousand in part in coins

Fallen during the Russian campaign, the cavalry captain Silvano Abba (1911-1942) could not celebrate his gold medal for military valor. But he was happy for the 1936 Berlin Olympic bronze, the first of the glorious modern pentathlon sky blue. His heirs are not doing well: the last Olympic success dates back to 1984 (Daniele Masala) and at the Tokyo 2020 Games, for the first time in a hundred years, no blue male qualified. If the world pentathlon is discussing how to replace horse riding, that Italian gets on with investigations, convictions and poisons with less than 100 companies and 3,000 practitioners, mostly children from swimming schools. No federation has such modest numbers. A pentathlon that, according to the Coni criteria, expresses 11 athletes of international level but curiously there are over 40 with the status of military athlete, guaranteed place and salary. Respecting the proportions, in athletics the athletes with the stars would be 2000, not 200.

The last dominus, disbarred and sentenced to 8 years

The last dominus of the discipline was Lucio Felicita
Federal President from 1998 to 2013: expelled from Coni in 2017 for buying and selling votes and setting up fictitious sports clubs, Felicita was just sentenced in the first instance in Rome to 8 years of imprisonment (the prosecutor had asked for three years and 8 months) for embezzlement and corruption: from 2007 to 2013 he would have spent 147 thousand euros of Fipm on pleasure trips (China, Japan, Turkey) with his wife, daughter and sister-in-law and renting houses by the sea as well as having cashed in bribes from those in charge of disposing of federal horse manure.

Double commissioner

Coni has already been commissioned by the federation twice. The umpteenth election in 2021: Fabrizio Bittner wins, former collaborator of the Pesaro national center with which the federation should finance itself by teaching children to swim (for a fee) to the Marche region. To Commissioner Coni who asked him to account for 40,000 euros collected but never paid into the federal current account, Bittner replied that he had found only 7,000 euros., partly in pennies. I have provided explanations and paid the money – he explains – and I am not aware that there are still investigations in progress.

Instant Election Societies

Perhaps not investigations, open questions s thanks to several complaints just presented to the public prosecutors. In 2020, on the eve of the last elections, 31 new (voting) companies would have been established in a few days to join the 76 present: 25 are curiously located in the same four small municipalities of Sabina e none have athletes on the staff. The registration numbers with the Revenue Agency are progressive, the surnames and addresses of the managers are the same. The exhibits also highlight i presumed rich remuneration given to the members of the 4/5 families who with their companies (some disappeared after elections) would govern the federation, from which they would then be hired with assignments of various technical nature. He obviously charges all to be proved.

Office furniture: 11 thousand euros

From this all-new electoral force, Bittner had been elected with 57% of the vote

. But the system is now more equitable – he says – and to cast votes it is more important to have active athletes than seats. His first act as a leader was the refurbishment of the presidential room for the modest sum of 11 thousand euros. I wanted to symbolically begin the renewal of the federation from my office, she explains. There is no shortage of money. In spite of the Olympic flop, the Fipm keeps intact the contributions disbursed by Sport and Health on behalf of the State: 3.7 million euros a year to which must be added the proceeds from federal centers and another 400 thousand euros in contributions from local authorities and the Paralympic committee. The salaries of athletes and military technicians for over 300 thousand euros a year must be added to the costs for the taxpayer.

Olympics at risk

More issues coming up: the municipality of Pesaro wants to remove the management of the public system from Fipm and the military state property begins to wonder what the hell is the use of giving it free of charge the huge national center of Montelibretti (where paid swimming lessons are held) if the federation then pays others the rent of swimming pools and gyms for its top athletes . Bittner not worried: The introduction of the laser pistol instead of the traditional one attracts young people and soon a more modern sport will be found to replace horse riding. If they don’t kick us out of the Olympics (guaranteed until Paris 2024, ed) the bright future. Unless someone turns off the lights first.

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