«Crazy MotoGp. I was riding in the van now he calls me Macron. Marquez better than Rossi »- Corriere.it

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The French world champion wants another title: «We will have to fight with Bagnaia, he started badly but will recover quickly. Ducati is always strong, Yamaha is behind “

Nine pilots collected in ten points, uncertainty and indecipherable values. With a great absentee, Marc Marquez, misses the Argentine GP due to sight problems. At Termas de Rio Hondo this weekend, Fabio Quartararo aims to climb the rankings to defend the title he won last year. Twenty-two years old, from Nice, Sicilian origins: he speaks perfect Italian. He behind him has a shelf with three cups, he takes one: “she is my favorite, she reminds me how much I fought to win in Doha”.

Marquez is going through a terrible time, did you hear it?

“Yes, I sent him messages of encouragement. Since 2020 he has had no peace, he has been unlucky. I can only try to make him feel better. ‘

Fabio, the «Diablo». He is growing up, does he still care for this nickname?

“He brought me luck and I’m not leaving him. He was born from a helmet with a devil that I wore at 7 years old. One says to me: “Here is the Diablo”. And since then everyone has called me that. ”

Mom hairdresser, dad hardware. His career was marked by sacrifices and at the beginning he did not take off. Memories?

“Dad used to take me in the van every weekend from France to Spain for the races. We traveled over 100,000 km a year and at home there wasn’t a lot of money. We have lived through hard times, but it was worth it ».

From the van to the call from President Macron, how did you feel?

“It was weird. And then a few days ago the compliments of the President of Indonesia for the podium in Mandalika. It’s nice to see such important people taking an interest in me, us pilots. I think of my dad: he ran a few European races, but then he stopped because he couldn’t afford this sport ».

Balanced championship, the plan to win him back?

«Others have grown more than us, in Indonesia, however, in the dry we had the pace to win, then on the water I finished second and it was important. But in the next two races (after Argentina, Austin on April 10 ed) I have to find something to make a difference ».

Who do you fear the most?

«Ducati was so strong in 2021 that I expect it to be the protagonist again with the new bike. Suzuki, Honda, Aprilia have improved a lot. And Ktm too ».

V.incere is hard, confirming itself even more. Agree?

“No, my mentality is the same”

What is Yamaha missing?

“A lot of speed, and it shows.”

The men to beat, who are they?

«In two races six different riders went on the podium. 3 or 4 GPs are needed to understand who will play the championship to the end ».


«He didn’t start well, while at the end of 2021 he was always among the first. But he has time to recover: I’m sure he will fight for the title ».

As a child, did you watch MotoGP on TV dreaming of becoming who?

«Rossi, Stoner, Lorenzo. And after Marquez. I have seen two generations ».

But that’s not the case. Who did he want to look like?

«Valentino was the idol: my first memory linked to MotoGP is his victory, at Jerez in 2005. I liked the style of Stoner. Lorenzo’s determination and Marquez’s speed. You don’t have to look at just one driver, to learn you have to look at many ».

You participated in the “MotoGp Unlimited” series on Prime Video, how is it always being followed by microphones and cameras?

“Tough at first, because you have to be careful what you say. By the end of the season it was almost natural. But this series makes us understand what our sport is: it is not enough to jump on the saddle and give the gas, motorcycling is sacrifices and suffering, not just fun ».

Besides the motorcycles, which sportsman inspires you?

“Mbappé. He is the perfect athlete: young, successful, determined. Able to carry the national team on his shoulders. And about the past I say Zidane ».

Quartararo, 100% French, has repeated several times. What do you keep Italian?

«They are distant origins, on the part of the grandparents. But this story always makes me laugh: in Italy they only noticed my surname after I started winning. When I finished the races in the fund nobody noticed him ».

F1 fan, will we see you on the track on four wheels?

“It would be nice, but I have to go step by step. I’ve already tried the Mercedes simulator, cool. Maybe when I stop with the bikes I run in the car, but it’s too far, I can’t think about it ».

He went to the psychologist when he was very young, why?

«The first time it is not easy to decide to meet him. But then you realize how important it is: I know that whenever I need, if I have any questions, I can turn to him. Even if I haven’t been there for a while. ”

The strongest ever in MotoGP: Valentino or Marquez?

«Rossi was a legend and will remain so forever. But if we only talk about driving, I mean Marc ».

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