Cycling and tennis, massacres of athletes. It is an emergency and investigations are urgently needed

Hecatomb of athletes in cycling. Another massacre of athletes in tennis, with as many as 15 retired at the Miami Open including the Italian Jannik Sinner. They stop competing en masse due to health problems. Super visited and super controlled, and suddenly the ailments: they come out of every …

Last year it didn’t happen: individual episodes have always occurred, of course, but they were isolated events. The situation among Italian cyclists is such as last Friday the specialized Tuttobici Web portal he spoke openly of a full emergency

there are dozens and dozens of runners who stop, one after the other. The discontent among the group is growing, as is the concern […] Could it be vaccines? It must be clearly investigated and studied

As the Djokovic story has shown, for athletes it is practically impossible to refuse vaccinations anti Covid. No one can say, of course !, that vaccination is the cause of avalanche illnesses: and in fact, Tuttobici Web does not say this either, on the contrary, in this regard it is careful to keep a light hand.

But really the champions of vaccination would have every interest in dispelling any suspicion on a phenomenon never made headlines until the massive vaccination campaign. The same is true of sudden deaths among children of school age. But nobody seems to want to take it seriously. There are only news cases about which Tuttobici web, meritoriously, questions itself.

The stress, the very hard workouts, the need to ride with super light technical clothing even when it snows and hail are certainly not good for cyclists’ health. But, in this respect, nothing has changed since last year.

Limiting themselves to famous names, they have had heart disease or problems, including myocarditis, cyclists Gianni Moscon, Elia Viviani, Martina Fidanza, Gianni Moscon, Diego Ulissi, Nairo Quintana… So far the list of the Gazzetta dello Sport, to which we must add Sonny Colbrelli, who collapsed in the Tour of Catalonia.

There are not only heart problems, moreover. As Tuttobici Web writes, too many teams struggle to put together a team to be presented at the start for

a range of diseases ranging from tracheobronchitis to flu bronchitis, up to upper respiratory tract infections

This is not Covid, adds the portal, which invokes and insights. Could the suspicion of generalized weaknesses of the immune system be clouded? Sure also for tennis it would really be the case to take the bull by the horns and understand what the heck happens.

The illnesses at the Melbourne Open and the Rafa Nadal case were just the beginning. Now between the 15 retreats at the Miami Open the Italian Jannik Sinner is also included. Blisters on the feet the official cause. They objectively hurt dogs. Is it possible that a sports professional cannot find a suitable pair of footwear?


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