Dani Pedrosa, from MotoGP to GT with Lamborghini: “Marquez’s career …”

The three-time world champion in the world championship makes his debut at Imola in the single-make Lamborghini Super Trofeo: “Adrenaline and the right spirit, I’m ready”. And on the MotoGP: “An unpredictable championship, but Ktm is there. Marquez? It’s hard to say if his career is compromised or not “

Matteo Solinghi


– imola (BO)

From two to four wheels. An increasingly widespread trend that is experienced by various riders who have raced on motorcycles as a second sporting life. From today, Friday 1 April 2022, this trend also officially involves Dani Pedrosa. The three-time World Champion in the World Championship (in 125cc in 2003, in 250cc the following two years) chose the Lamborghini Super Trofeo single-make as a springboard for his adventure with four wheels, even if “the goal, for the moment, it’s having fun and learning new things ”. Apprenticeship day for Camomillo, who took to the track both in the morning and in the afternoon for free practice (Team Rexal Fff Racing sharing the seat with Antonin Borga) and who will return to action at Misano and Portimao. But already from Saturday things get serious at the Enzo and Dino Ferrari Autodrome, with qualifying at 10.40 and Race 1 at 16.05.

Dani Pedrosa, with what spirit do you approach your first car race?

“The purpose is to have fun. Trying to combine the adrenaline of competition with the spirit of learning new things, this is what prompted me to accept this challenge. In this phase I am learning and settling in: the rules, the way of riding, the lines and all the things to do while you are riding are very different from the bike. It’s the first time I’ve had radio communication, it’s the first time I’ve shared the cockpit with another driver and it’s all new to me. Impossible to do everything right the first time, little by little I learn everything “.

What effect does it have on you to have the engineer talking to you while driving?

“It’s something strange, all of a sudden the information comes to you and the difficult thing is to answer while you’re driving at high speeds. I have to pay attention to hitting the right button to answer the radio, because there are so many keys and hitting the wrong one is a snap. But it is feasible, on the straight there is time to do these things, on the bike it is very different ”.

Did you have targeted physical training?

“Not exactly. I feel that the neck and shoulder muscles are a little annoying, they are certainly among the most stressed and must be trained for this driving style ”.

What was the first feeling of the first ride in the car?

“It goes very strong. Lots of power, short gearbox that guarantees great acceleration. After taking a bit of the hand, you also notice the braking power: impressive, it leads you to brake very late ”.

How did the tests and free practice go instead?

“During the tests I did a few laps, I tried to learn as much as possible to get to know the car. In the FP1 on Friday at Imola there was a lot of traffic on the track, I had to move to let those who went faster pass and I went off the line several times, dirtying the tires with tire residues left down by others and losing grip. While in FP2 I tried to follow the lines more, I rode better and for longer ”.

What is the common thread between two and four wheels?

“At this moment I still don’t know, I’m noticing a lot more differences than similarities. Maybe in a few sessions I will notice some similarities “.

Would he possibly be interested in racing in the car in other championships and / or other disciplines?

“Quick to say, I am open to various options. My priority remains to help Ktm in MotoGP for the development of the bike. This is the first experience in the car, I aim to have fun and experience. And if the level reached satisfies me, I will evaluate other experiences with the four wheels “.

Eighth time overall in FP1, twelfth in FP2. What advice did your teammate Antonin Borga give you?

“Try to give me the details of how to drive the car. I explain my feeling to him and he tells me where I can improve, which lines to do at certain points on the track. If I had the opportunity to be at his side, I would understand more quickly how to drive in some places, but being able to get into the car only one at a time, the only reason for comparison is to talk to each other. How much to cut or how much to open the gas first goes to my feeling. With telemetry I understand faster, because I’m used to reading it. And we are confronted with it in front of us ”.

Have you tried to change the driver?

“We are getting carried away, because he is very tall compared to me. I use a narrower seat and we need to synchronize. The first race I start second and then we alternate for the second, we will see how the driver change will go in the race “.

Do you hope and think that some other MotoGP rider will follow in his footsteps and those of Valentino Rossi by joining you on the track on four wheels?

“I don’t know, maybe. Valentino is certainly the one with the most experience from this point of view, he has done rally and track races in the past, I’m totally new. We’ll see if someone else comes ”.

MotoGP chapter: where can Ktm go after a sparkling start?

“We are happy with how the first two races went, we hope to be able to stay there, but we know that the championship is long, there are those who find the correct setup, those who find a feeling with the tires and so on. MotoGP is no longer ‘monothematic’ as before, there can be many surprises during the year and you must always be up to date to keep up. We need to let a couple of races pass to understand how the championship stabilizes ”.

Who will the World Cup be played for?

“At this point of the season it’s hard to say, but I think the values ​​on the pitch are those seen at the end of last season, with Quartararo and Bagnaia in front. Bastianini made a strong start, our two Ktm riders did two super races, it is difficult to predict what will happen next GP ”.

And then there is Marquez. Is his career really compromised?

“This is something that only he and his medical staff can know. Maybe they don’t even know exactly. A problem like this is difficult to understand, I wish him the best “.

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