Darryn’s top ten and Brad’s pride

In the unpredictable Grand Prix in Indonesia we were also able to observe a beautiful brotherly struggle. The rookie Darryn Binder and his older brother Brad, in fact, at a certain point of the race found themselves close, part of a combative group in open competition for the positions from eighth to 14th. Between the two the KTM driver had the better, 8th, but the difficult conditions seem to have exalted even the youngest of the family, who, like the first, always manages to do more in the race. Penultimate to the start, here comes an amazing top ten for Darryn that fills his older brother with pride.

Top rookie

It still takes time to get full control of the M1, but after two races Darryn Binder he is the best MotoGP rookie. Considering the double jump compared to the others, really remarkable, and this was the best race of him at the moment. “I was very impressed with the high level of grip with the wet tires” he pointed out. “I pushed hard and before I knew it I found myself in the points.” And shortly after close to his brother. “I even passed it, it was great!” So here he is in command of a combative group for several laps. “I then experienced some difficulties with the rear tire and I was no longer able to push like before. I tried to defend myself anyway, but my brother got the better of it. “ Later there was no lack of confrontation between the two at the end of the race, with Brad who told the misadventures with the rear device. “Well, but you beat me anyway, what are you complaining about!” was Darryn’s response. While admitting his brother’s surprise and joy at seeing him in battle. The positive note was this: “I fought with more experienced guys, even victorious in MotoGP! It was a really good feeling. “

Beyond the mechanical troubles

As mentioned, there was no shortage of difficulties for Brad Binder. Specifically, the South African fought with his lowering device, which immediately stopped at the start. He therefore did not hide a hint of disappointment. “I was competitive all weekend. But once I started, something happened to the ride height device: every time I braked it went down, I did the whole race with the bike low and I couldn’t do anything. “ Closing widely in the top ten. “After all, an 8th place is not bad, I managed to finish the race” played down the former Moto3 world champion. Like its category colleagues, it underlines the excellent grip. “In some places it was really crazy, we can’t complain about this” He admitted. A comment on the little brother’s race cannot be missing. “When I saw him pass I was really happy,” she remarked. “At that moment I was trying to survive, but the little group arrived … So I said to myself that, since I had come this far, why not try to resist.” Emphasizing that “Seeing my brother there was beautiful, he behaved very well: I’m really proud of him!”

Photo: motogp.com

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