day 10 – Sinner and the convict bladders

On the Italian night, in what was the second meeting of the evening session scheduled on the central field of theHard Rock Stadiumthe tds n. 6 of the scoreboard Casper Ruud beat Alexander Zverev’s No. 2 force with a score of 6-3 1-6 6-3 after almost an hour and forty of play (to be exact one hour and thirty-nine). The German had won all three of the previous ones, although in reality the first – in the quarterfinals of Acapulco 2021 – had not taken place due to the Norwegian’s retirement before the match. And so it is Ruud who wins the second quarter of the lower part of the scoreboard Miami Open 2022reaching Francisco Cerundolo in the semifinal. The penultimate act in the Florida tournament will be the fourth 1000 semi-final in the 22-year-old’s career; who, however, has always been defeated in the three previous challenges played at this point of a Masters 1000 tournament (always on clay). But this can be a good opportunity, given that for the first time he will start favoring against the surprise of this edition of Miami Open presented by ItaĆ¹. Below we propose the post-match press conference of the “soldier” Casper.

THE RESULTS IN THE “1000” – The first question posed to Ruud concerned his results in the 1000 category tournaments, having reached his fourth semifinal last night in a Masters 1000. The Norwegian replied (the first on the fast): “I feel good. I mean, it is obviously an exciting eveningis the biggest win of my career so far. This is the fourth time I have reached a semifinal in a Masters 1000 tournamentand as you said, the first time on hard, so this semifinal compared to the others is more special for me. Let’s see if I can put on the field what I have learned from the three previous semifinals where unfortunately I have always lost and make sure this is the right time when I can turn luck on my side“.

THE STRATEGY TO BEAT ZVEREV – Then, subsequently, the conference moved on to the match and its progress, placing the accent on the strategy implemented by n. 8 of the world: “No, I think I got off to a great start, as I did in previous matches. – began Casper – I started very well, and that allowed me to take a break in the second set, which obviously helped me. Today he served well. I, on the other hand, think I have had 75% of first balls on the pitch, which is the key when you play against Sascha because he is a great catcher. In the second set I had a problem with a toe, to which I had to apply a small bandage with a tape before the match.. I know it sounds a little silly, but she was slipping off my toe, so I had some problems in moving. For this I had to put on a new one after the second set, so that it had full grip again. I also changed my socks. It is quite humid here, as everyone knows. So due to the fact that I was sweating too much, the tape had lost its grip. In the third set I wasinstead, again able to move better and freely. Today I was very aggressive especially with the forehand from the baseline and I tried to make him play with the aim of making him understand that I was there to fight. I think the game can be summed up like this from a tactical and mental point of view.

PROJECTING TO THE SEMIFINAL – At this point, the horizon of the questions has definitely changed the temporal perspective, projecting itself on the penultimate act of the tournament against the Argentine Cerundolo, who benefited from Sinner’s retirement. The Oslo native will start as favorite, even if he doesn’t know his next opponent very well: “Yup, I hope to be able to take the initiative during the match. Let’s see, I’ve never played him and haven’t seen him play too much, to be honest. But obviously he has had a big climb in the rankings over the past two, three years. When I was a boy, he is the same age as meI believe, no one has ever really heard of him because he didn’t play too much as a junior. Now in the last few years it has risen a lot in the ranking and this week is probably the best week of his career. It’s in a positive flow, so my goal will obviously be to try and stop it. We’ll see if I can, or if I won’t; but I will definitely give it my all as always. I hope Friday is an exciting match.

THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN THE STADIUM AND THE GRANDSTAND – In the last part of the Q&A, however, the tds n. 6 to share their opinion on a possible difference in speed between the Stadium – where Ruud played against Zverev – and the Grandstand; after Kyrgios had raised this question by referring to the second most important field of the Miami Gardens facility, following the match with Jannik. The Norwegian, however, does not seem to be of the same opinion as the Australian: No, not really. The first day I arrived here I trained on the center court with Medvedev and it was a good training. Since then I have not had the chance to play on the central until today. I haven’t felt that much difference, to be honest, it’s just smaller. The Stadium is obviously bigger, so there is not much wind inside the pitch, as is the case on the outside fields. But this is the only difference I have perceived. There were good conditions today, playing at night and I felt very comfortable in the game“.

YOUR STATE OF HEALTH – Finally, at the end of the press conference, a picture of the Norwegian’s physical condition in view of the semifinal, after the toe problem. Ruud, however, assures everyone about his physical state: “As I just said well, apart from the problems with the toe tape, due to the fact that I was sweating a lot. So this was the only physical difficulty I had if we want to call it that; but once a new tape is put in, the situation has definitely improved. So luckily nothing serious, I hope I can stay fit and be ready for Friday“.

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