Domenicali curbs US enthusiasm: the risk is great

From 2023, there will be three GPs on US soil, but F1 boss Domenicali does not want to risk the boomerang effect.

Last week the third stars and stripes race of the upcoming F1 calendar was announced. As is well known, we will return to run in glittering Las Vegas, for the first time at midnight in an event shaped ad hoc to bring together all continents in terms of timetables.

Stefano Domenicali (Ansa Photo)

After Austin and Miami, therefore, a new round to seal a boom in interest in the Circus, increased by the Netflix series Drive To Survive which has spectacularized what happens in the paddock to attract the demanding palate of the American public.

The only ingredient still missing from this overseas drift is the presence of a local rider on the grid. After the very brief parenthesis of Alexander Rossi at the Manor in 2015, no name came out that was good enough to be hired.

Domenicali: this is why an American driver is a risk for F1

He expressed himself on the subject Stafano Domenicali who, on the sidelines of the presentation of the event in Nevada, defined it as important to be able to bring a representative of the United States back to the premier class of four wheels, but only on one condition: that he is competitive or worse still a meteor.

It has to be fast, otherwise it risks turning into a boomerang“, The warning from the CEO who urged the Federation of the country to invest in budding talents. “It is not an easy and time-consuming process. But that’s what we strive for and it’s sure to have a big effect“.

The parties would be working together with this in mind, that is with the ambition to create something solid and lasting to support the team. Haasnow on the grid since 2016.

In recent months there was talk of a potential new entry. A team founded by Michael Andretti, Mario’s son. The entrepreneur had first stepped forward to acquire theAlfa Romeo. Then, having received the two of spades, he had taken a decidedly more daring move, delivering the candidacy documents to the FIA. Between skepticism and little desire to share the cake with another opponent, the current members were not particularly enthusiastic. And if the definitive answer was to arrive by the end of March, even today, which is April, all is silent.

The 59-year-old had also already found the first candidate for one of the seats. Such Colton Herta, 22-year-old Californian with a heavy foot, who could have completed the square of the circle. Now, however, even in the light of certain oppositions, everything is in doubt.

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